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Name - Waseem Ahmed (Waseem-Ahmed)

Gender - Male

About Me

em a fitness,music,gizmo n a G.K freak...... A die hard "royal challengers bangalore"(RCB) fan..... World knows me as waseem....m a proud bak bencher n a Late Commer......(even if its external exam!!) ma mamma believes dat m d only best creature alive on d planet,second 2 none..(ma father knows d reality(hey hey it doesn't mean dat m dat bad)).... I don’t know what people think of me..So what I can say is,"i jus dont give a damn".would u mind it?,,,again i dont care... I am a harmless Creature, until all my harmones work properly..... i cant stop myself frm banging d head n stepping up whenevr i come across any sort of f*kin music any whr round d globe...100s of thoughts use 2 revolve in ma mind every time,but i always fail 2 cope wid them..u can find me doing hell lottaa crazy thing in collg some times on d roads too(paagal nahi hu bhai).Now I know, you are thinking, what the hell this person might be of use?? The answer is, I also donno.....but at d same time i also know dat the day m gonna choose d best thought,i'll b defntly on sky high.... I love to hang o8 with ma frnz and for friendship I don’t consider their any previous achievements,thr Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species n even i dont mind that they r vertibrates or'nt....lol.... i luv inviting troubls.(many such stories r thr..cum home v'll talk abt dat).. I never ever go behind any person who don’t like my attitude and For those who believe dat m an assh*le , I don’t carry any comments 4 them in ma pocket, because its their life and I am no one to poke my nose.. I love animals a lot…..in zoo.But some of my friends prefer to live in Home.hahah..Oops,Sorry.I know, its a bad joke!....frnz r unbrakble part of ma life...most of ma frnz say dat m short temperd..(its true upto certain extent)....... n more 2 say i can stand 5 10" inches above d ground level.....i weigh 60 k.grams on planet earth..have got muscular n athletic build....its been 19 years dat m on d same planet doing same sh*t...u know when i was born i was so amused dat i couldn't even talk 4 one n half years!!!...now doing engineering in don bosco inst.of tech in bengaluru... m proud 2 b an indian muslim...n also a kannadigaa..ma dad wanna c me as a civil service officer...i 'll live upto his dreams one or d othr day...I guess, you are my friend..because you read until here, soooo long..if not v'll b frnz frm 2day itself..i was born 2 make frnz...so guys justify ma birth.... m a twitter addict ..so all fellas folow me up on twitter @ http://twitter.com/Waseem_DBIT m a facebukkii too....so book ur face,my face n every1's face @ http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1832944247

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