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Name - Kartik Kannan (kartik-kannan)

Gender - Male

About Me

Kartik Kannan is a 20 something self proclaimed online media commentator and journalist. Apart from Dosa with Sambhar, the best combo Kartik prefers is the mix of travel and cricket, his 2 favourite hobbies. He jumps everyday into the sea of social media as a Product Manager, and has handled various internet brands on the internet/music and mobile space. Kartik finished in the Top 8, in ESPN-STAR's Dream Job, and managed to anchor 'India Glorious' with Ravi Shastri. Kartik belives that his mobile gives him instant nirvana, and has used it to interview Sunil Gavaskar,Albie Morkel,Johan Botha and Ramky(Indian Cricket Team Computer Strategist). Kartik has also written regular cricket articles for a cricket e-zine called crickblog apart from creating video cricket webisodes for indiainteracts.com To know more about Kartik's profile, please find below an addendum of some the links to his videos and articles Written Articles http://www.crickblog.com/entry/once-bitten-always-shy/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/been-there-not-done-that/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/anil-kumble-has-the-sun-set-on-his-illustrious-career/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/d-company-is-it-d-day-for-dhoni-yet/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/rebuilding-requires-time-and-planning/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/how-vaas-zaat/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/india-in-the-emerald-isles-over-the-decades/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/sports-in-india-have-we-monetized-it-enough/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/whose-trophy-is-it-anyway/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/when-stats-didnt-make-an-icon/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/t20-the-master-stroke-that-changed-equations/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/0-2-down-what-england-must-do-to-seize-the-moment/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/home-turf-experimentation/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/reminiscing-about-cricket-in-the-midst-of-terror/ http://www.crickblog.com/entry/champions-trophy-edition-through-the-ages/ Video Shows My Show with Ravi Shastri , (Medium-Star Cricket/ESPN), Time Oct-Nov 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_qy7MKhrg4 My Interview with Sunil Gavaskar- Channel- My Blog, Sep 2006(Medium-Mobile Phone) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpgEl4v-8xU Interview with Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia-Part 2(Medium-Mobile Phone) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1THHd8uNEQ Interview with Mashrafe Mortaza-Bangaldesh Cricketer -(Medium-Mobile Phone) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoNseCPObXk Interview with South African Cricketer-Albie Morkel(Medium-Mobile Phone) – Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xr-qNRi42I Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaoX-zbbjwk My Sports Shows with http://www.indiainteracts.com – June 2007- Oct 2007 –( Medium- Professional Video Shoots) 1) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/2339/ 2) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1667/ 3) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1663/ 4) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1570/ 5) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1568/ 6) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1466/ 7) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1361/ 8) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1254/ 9) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1253/ 10) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1118/ 11) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/1008/ 12) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/871/ 13) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/693/ 14) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/517/ 15) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/266/ 16) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/246/ 17) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/231/ 18) http://indiainteracts.com/newplatform/218/

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