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Name - Kuber Chopra (kuber-chopra)

Gender - Male

About Me

If I wasn't living an ordinary life among ordinary people I would be an International sports star who would have worn his heart on his sleeve and been extremely popular amongst sports lovers across the world. What a pity, I did not make it. Also the game would have been cricket and I would have been a very tough proposition to break down. That said, I did play the sport till my graduation days and believed all the while that it was meant to be. That is how I live my life as well; once I put my mind to something I give it my best shot. It would therefore not be a surprising revelation that amongst all cricketers, I have idolised Rahul Dravid. Apart from my love for the sport, I am a Management Student. Even though I am working now I would still describe myself as a student because that is what the game of cricket has taught me. One learns all the time, as a person as an enterprise and as a team, the biggest winner is the biggest learner. I have utilized my education in sport to take decisions in life and at work. I would like to utilize this platform to bring all that learning and respect for the game and opinionate strongly, to challenge limits of what can and should be done to win a game of Twenty20 cricket for my favorite IPL franchisee. I describe my own style of writing as that of a “Constructive Cynic”, this primarily involves not being satisfied easily, instead being “positively dissatisfied”. As a management person this process keeps me ahead of the game. In an argument I love playing the devil’s advocate. If I am a spectator watching a neutral game I cheer for the underdog. I deem it only fair, and I am ecstatic when underdogs win.

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