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Name - Varun Shetty (thatguy)

Gender - Male

Location - Bengaluru, India

About Me

I am someone who ALWAYS has plenty of time to spare.You probably realized that after seeing this section of my profile ACTUALLY filled, anyway. I'm a sports addict. Honestly, if there weren't such a things as "sports", half of my pointless life would've been even more pointless.(Oh yeah, people often have difficulty comprehending what I say :P ) I'm a family guy. I'm a cricketer, social networker, semi-pro blogger(one of the official bloggers of the RCB franchise as well), part-time debater, half an actor, half a writer and FULLY Indian. :-) I do not believe in the religious structures of the world. If I have faith, I'd rather have it in myself. Behind the formal ^^^ nature, I'm just another person who's trying to find the easy ways in life and make it as fun as possible :P I'm lazy. But I can be energetic as well. Oxymoron :P I can get extremely passionate about certain things. Cricket, Manchester United and Royal Challengers Bangalore are some such things. Also, I have my own ideas of fun. Also, I'm not going to fake being a "music freak", which seems to have become a norm. For me fun could be anything, ranging from taunting people to unscrewing stuff and completely SCREWING them up. I've been misquoted and misunderstood at the frequency of clockwork! So much, that I'm ACTUALLY mentioning it in the "About Me" section! It's a part of my life now and it doesn't really matter. I like fixing things. ;-) Speakin of things i'm good at, there really is nothing on that list! Cricket is the only thing that I'm CLOSE to being good at. I just pretend to be good at everything else. :P If you've read this far, then you probably have time to spare too. We could really gel. :-) Yeah, I'm different. Or not. Doesn't matter..I'm still proud of me. (Ask my friends!) Yeah I'm a little obnoxious..but you'll love me! Cheers.

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The Fan Advisory Board was formed and will soon kick into action running and managing the massive RCB Fan Club. Keeping in mind the motive of RCB: Born in Bangalore; to thrill India, these ideas were crafted to make it the most engaging Fan Club in India.

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