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Name - Venkataraghavan Venkataraman (venkataraghavan-venkataraman)

Gender - Male

About Me

Well, This is Venkataraghavan, a professional tester working in one of the leading software companies in India. Fell in love with the fighting spirit of our current captain ever since he came out to bowl with the broken jaw. Although I've watched cricket since the 92 WC, I've not observed it as much as I am observing now. The very first innings of Rahul Dravid I watched was the SA tour in '96-'97. Lucky to have watched his first century. I'm not a liar to say that I fell in love with his game immediately :-p... But this guy made me to fall to his game as much as he makes the bowlers - blunt and then blast! I got bowled over by his innings at Headingley. The way he fought and softened the English bowlers on the first day of the juicy surface just made my heart to surrender to the willow with 'BRITTANIA' stuck on it. Became a fan of these two guys after Klusener and Cairns. As days went by, I slowly realized the nuances of cricket and the psyche of the players. Unlike many other of you guys, I started to follow the game very closely only since 2005 mid, after I got into the job. Just loved the way the RCB team was selected and have been rooting for it ever since the first season. People called this a TEST team and I relented it before. Now people are not calling this a test team. But I call this a TEST team. Reason? Well, read this: http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-club/nine-hundred-thousand-third-time-and-he-goes-to-bangalore/

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Fan Advisory Board

Meet the Top 20 craziest RCBians who have moved a step ahead in leading the RCB gang. Together they shall support Team RCB to a Victory in IPL 5!

The Fan Advisory Board was formed and will soon kick into action running and managing the massive RCB Fan Club. Keeping in mind the motive of RCB: Born in Bangalore; to thrill India, these ideas were crafted to make it the most engaging Fan Club in India.

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