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Your Strategy Please

Monday, October 12, 2009 at 09:04 AM


Show-time folks !!!

I am quite nervous to say the least. gulp And what confounds me is the positive energy and confidence that the team is exuding.
I guess it's alright. Those who act must stay brave and the audience must stay prepared to be thrilled. Makes perfect sense.

You guys must have done your dissections by now and must be dying to show them to the world.
I am all ears here. What do you think RCB should do tomorrow against the Otago Volts to win it for us and themselves? Let's be more specific and break down the question:

1. Toss: In case we win the toss, should we bat or bowl? Do you think that not being able to defend 180 in the previous match should affect the decision? Remember that the match would be played on a used pitch.

2. Team composition: What should the team composition be? Many on the chat forum are recommending playing Dale Steyn. If you think so, then which international player should he replace? Is there any Indian player you would want replaced?

3. Par score: What is the ideal score for a close match? Despite all the edginess, I would like to have a nerve-wracking experience.

4. Batting order & Bowling order: Shuffle them friends as per your strategy and justify that. smile

I would be sharing the comments on this thread with the team-analyst Prasanna at lunch tomorrow. Let's see if we can affect the decisions here. I would also convey to you guys if the team-analyst actually goes ahead and implements one of your suggestions.

Can life be made more interesting on this planet ? smile

Added later : People please go here to know what Prasanna has to say about the questions and comments.

Latest Comments:

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now put foundations under them…...

Posted by Fan2090 on 10/16  at  09:02 AM

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now put foundations under them….............

Posted by Fan2090 on 10/16  at  09:02 AM

Impossible is just a word invented by wusses, lazy people, and cowards. Nothing is impossible in the hands of a person who’s crazy enough to keep trying…..........

Posted by Fan2090 on 10/15  at  09:33 AM

Please read this to get Prasanna’s answers :

Posted by RoyalPhantom on 10/14  at  11:21 PM

What Kumble is able to do to this team, Dhoni is failing to do to Indian team. Dhoni continuously ignores Praveen Kumar and prefers Ishant Sharma - the main reason for India’s debacle in two successive international ICC events. See how intelligently Kumble used Praveen. Not just that, see how he encouraged Vinay Kumar (whom I reckon to be a good & tight line & length bowler) with the 2nd over after he was hit for 3 boundaries in his first! This is captaincy, real captaincy, captaincy at its very best.
Time is not over Indian selectors, I strongly advise you, make Kumble the captain for next T20 event - not a joke. Kumble (like Jayasurya) will perform at this level till he may be 45 years old.

Posted by jamboo on 10/14  at  04:35 AM

It will be ridiculous for anyone to give a strategy when top thinking hat Anil-bhai is the captain. He knows every bit of the game even when he is going to turn 40 soon. RCB fans have shown their loyalty and patience with the team, though many said replace Kallis with Steyn, the old pro has shown what he brings to this bunch of talented cricketers. From the disasters that KP put the team into, AK has brought RCB right on top. RCB will be the team to beat in this tournament, despite the fact that it has no points to carry to super league. looking at the performance in first two matches, RCB will surely lift the trophy. Remember, still another 3-4 players have not come to the party yet! Imagine if that were to happen! Mr Boucher, Dravid and Roelof they are. We have a surprise topper in performance in the form of Uthappa.

Posted by jamboo on 10/14  at  04:30 AM

17th October the D day for the next match…...
Kumble’s birthday as well… Win would be the perfect gift for the legend from his team mates…
Vijay Mallya sir throw a Jumbo party on Jumbo’s birthday in Mallya style on this special day… Kumble deserves every bit….He brought this team from nowhere to now here…....Rock on RCB there is no stopping U .... These victories are very special as we were in the stands for all IPL-1 matches in the stadium…Who better can explain u the sweetness of victory than a person who has tasted the bitterness of defeat…. Hats off guys Go get the CLT20 CUP… ITS OURS.. PLAY LIKE WE OWN IT…

Posted by Nish on 10/13  at  06:42 PM

Congrats Kumble!!

When the match started, I discovered that Kumble has adopted strategies exactly the opposite to what I had suggested!!!:(

But we won!!

Proves that there are many paths to the winning destination just have to let the captain listen to his heart and follow the captain!!

All the best for 17th Oct 09

Posted by Raghunath on 10/13  at  09:50 AM

We dont have a specialist opener in our team. Agreed Uttappa did well in both matches but Kallis is not a opener material. He did score a good 73 from 59, but he failed to accelerate the score when needed.
We need Pandey to open the innings with Uttappa(Am really happy he has found back his rhythm).

Posted by sharath-chandra on 10/13  at  09:31 AM

Drop boucher and pick Akhil as he is a very useful all rounder and if you win the toss bat first as the wicket is very sticky compared to the last game. Anil Kumble should open the bowling with Praveen Kumar as there is a lot of movement in this pitch. Promote Vinay Kumar a bit higher in the batting order as he has shown his batting exploits in the karnataka premier league. Uthappa should keep wickets. Manish pandey should be sent to open the batting and kallis should come one down. do not promote Ross Taylor up the order as this position is best suited for him. I also recommend a fielder in slip position during the power play as there are chances of batsmen edging the ball towards slip.Third man should be inside the circle while Mccullum is batting. Thats all i can say. its upto you guys whether you implement these strategies or not

Posted by nikhil-ravishankar on 10/13  at  04:29 AM

Please play Steyn instead of Kallis.. and if u r playing Manish he should open ...Worth taking the risk with bhuvaneshwar i guess..Kumble should finish his quota as soon as possible..bowlers should bowl yorkers and slower ones.. no one knows how bowl yorkers .. thats very sad :(

Posted by shivaprashanth on 10/13  at  04:24 AM

I suggest that we should take Dale Steyn instead of Mark Boucher and Robin should keep the wickets along with that sen either manish or van de merwe at the upfront with full permission to swing their bat as they wish.

Posted by Alkya on 10/13  at  04:23 AM

Eratta: Goswami the keeper aint there in the squad,neither is Appana,so I guess the best bets would be B.Akhil and Kallis in their place.

Posted by phanindra-acharla on 10/13  at  03:56 AM

5)De Merwe
6) Kohli
7)Goswami (wicket-keeper)
Drop Kallis and Boucher.They dont have the kind of strike -rates for T20.Send Merwe up the order as a pinch hitter.If the pitch is going to behave slow,bring in Appana in place of Steyn (he has not proved his worth to RCB in two years).Ask Manish/Dravid/Taylor,either of the 3 to stick in till the end of the innings,while the others can biff around these guys.Beware of the McCullum brothers,Neil Broom,Dmitiri in the match against Otago.

Posted by phanindra-acharla on 10/13  at  03:47 AM

according to me

RCB should have the following batting line up

Posted by amith-pavan on 10/13  at  03:21 AM

An extra bowler(particularly Dale) shud be played
I think Kallis should be dropped.I say this(with due respect to Kallis’ batting abilities) coz therz enuf batting in RCB even without Kallis.

Also an extra bowler can be accomodated, and if u want Dale Steyn in the attack, u got to remove one foreign player. And I think Kallis is the suitable option.

I would like to see Merve opening the batting with Manish Pandey, instead of Dravid or Kallis.
The following batting order would be great.
1) Manish Pandey(technically very soumd a,d play big shots without taking much risk)
2) Roelof vd Merwe(explosive)
3) Robin uthappa(no intro needed)
4) Ross Taylor(same here)
5) Rahul Dravid(If thers a collapse in the beginning, Dravid could consolidate)
6) Virat Kohli(coming in during last few overs, can be devastating)
7) Mark Boucher(ditto, and also can anchor in if thers a top order failure)
8) Praveen Kumar
9) Vinay Kumar
10) Dale Steyn
11) Anil Kumble.

Posted by Ragi on 10/13  at  02:37 AM

Hi Guys,
Prasanna, the team-analyst is really impressed with the comments.
As per, which one of these would be implemented, we gonna have to wait for the match and see.
I would reply again on this thread after the match after discussions with Prasanna.

Posted by RoyalPhantom on 10/13  at  01:48 AM

1.Manish Pandey
2.Robin Uthappa
3.Ross Taylor
4.Raghul Dravid
5.Virat Kohli
6.Mark Boucher
7.Van der Merwe
8.Parveen Kumar
9.Anil Kumble
10.Dale Steyn
11.Bhuvanesh Kumar

Hope this 11 good for Today’s match…

Posted by Avis13 on 10/13  at  01:47 AM

1. Bat first

2.Team & Batting order:Kallis,Uthappa,Pandey, Dravid,Taylor,Kohli,Merwe,Vinay,Praveen,Kumble,Dale Steyn.

Its a bit sad but Boucher should be dropped. Uthappa should Keep & Steyn should come in. The problen in the last match was there were only 5 bowlers. u cant count on Kohli to be a bowler. So Flexibility in bowling is necessary since the batting is strong.
I think most of u guys dont know that Vinay is a very good batsman is a very useful pinch hitter. Check his domestic records.He should not be replaced.

3. 170+ score is a good one to defend.

4. Bowling: Leavt it to Kumble guys.

Posted by sharath-chandraj on 10/13  at  12:25 AM

good bowling strenght is the key, no problem with batting,if no specialist bowler we cant defend even 200.

Posted by ashish-kakade on 10/12  at  11:22 PM


The final 27 announcement attracted over 100 comments; the post on Kats attracted 40+ comments; questions to Anil, strategy for this key encounter - attracting 10+ comments;

The preferences of the fans seem to be “wanna be a member of the community”, “entertainment that money can’t buy” and “RCBCricketWatch”

Time for those who haven’t strategized to chip in with theirs! Will be interesting to check our own abilities to ThinkRCBCricket before the results are out tonight!

I think the minimum number of comments for a post should be 24 (the other finalists) plus a few regulars, like me smile

Will be nice to see if Strategists can outnumber KatWatchers winkif not the RealFanatics



Posted by Raghunath on 10/12  at  11:13 PM

I hope we win the toss and post a good total..
Batting order


Cos I dont think RCB is making the maximum use of powerplay!!!! There is no use playin merve lower down the order when the middle order is rock solid!! And dravid has to play in the middle order so that he can stabilise the innings if the top order fails..

Posted by ajay-rg on 10/12  at  10:58 PM

van der merwe must be replaced by dale steyn, rcb’s batting order is too strong and in now way will it go down till 8 or 9 for merwe to bat.steyn has good pace and has lethal yorkers which most batsmen find difficult to handle.steyn is also a very good fielder like merwe.whereas merwe’s bowling can be taken to task lik wat duminy did las thursday….

Posted by sunil-reddy on 10/12  at  10:53 PM

Since Taylor is in good nick he should be sent in early..also Pandey should walk in early and be given time to settle down and play a long innings..Dravid can be pushed down to number the bowling department, steyn should somehow be accomodated into the team and the present bowling attack lack the sting and pace

Posted by srikanth-k on 10/12  at  09:39 PM

Super comments here. Keep it going guys. I’ll be showing all of these to Prasanna around 2 today smile.

Posted by RoyalPhantom on 10/12  at  09:28 PM

Here goes mine:
Win the toss, Bat
Same team..
Roelf Moves up the order! May be no.3 if we lose wicket early!
Bowling more consistent with each bowler getting a minimum of 2 overs spell. Reolf and Kumble bowl 6 overs in tandem!
All the best!

Posted by KunJan on 10/12  at  09:13 PM

Used track, win the toss bat first. It may be a bit sluggish, so out n out attack may not be a best option here. Kallis for his solidness and Uthappa to ride on his new found form should open. I feel tempeted to send Rahul in at three. If the rio does justice to their potential, I guess rest of the squad can play their free flowing aggressive game. Leading the middle order back would be Ross Taylor followed by Manish Pandey and Virat Kohli. Manish and Virat can swap their positions. Let’s add a bit more bite to the attack by bringing in Dale Steyn.

Finally, don’t read too much into what happened in first game. The kind of stormy innings that Duminy played would have been good enough to bring any opposition down in a format like T20. There’s a lesson to be learnt though. A good thirty helps, but doesn’t win you a game smile So who’s gonna put his hand up and get counted BIG today? smile

PS: Fielders may consider not applying Petroleum Jelly or eating butter at least 8 hours before the game wink

Go for more RCB!

Love, Peace, Energy!


Posted by YogaN on 10/12  at  09:02 PM

I don’t think dropping Roelof is justified just for the sake of change. We all know steyn can also be quite expensive on indian pitches offering little help.He does deserve a place, but only four can play! :( i think only Vinay needs to be replaced and nothing else.We are performing well, the bowling needs some fine tuning, nothing else.This team is absolutely fine, just believe in yourselves guys; you are the ones who need to do it in the middle…Go Challengers Go!!!

Posted by sahil-sharma2 on 10/12  at  09:01 PM

1.Toss- Win the toss bat first. As our batting looks good.

2.Team composition-
Getting Dale in for Kallis is the best opition and we can get bhuhaneswar kumar in place of vinay as he is a good swing bowler and can bat lower down.
1.. Uthappa
2.. Pandey
5.. Dravid
6.. Mark
8.. Pravin
11. Kumble

3.Par Score- Anythin above 160 is a good total.

4. Batting order-
A. open with pandey and robin, if robin falls get in ross or merwe and if pandey falls get in dravid.
b. after 6 overs if any wkt falls i prefer the batting order to be
3. dravid
4. ross
5. merwe
6. mark
7. kholi
8. bhuhaneswar
9. praveen
10. dale
11. kumble

bowling Order- i prefer bhuhaneswar sharing new bowl with praveen. as both are swing bowlers.

Posted by OLI on 10/12  at  06:34 PM

1. Toss:
What does Kumble’s heart say - “batsmen in good nick, they can chase” or “bowlers are in top condition - we can defend a modest total”. There is only one answer and that should dictate bat or bowl, if we win the toss. Going by match 1, I would opt for chasing.

2. Team composition:

Steyn is a very precious asset. Can’t afford to not have him. Vinay is probably the one who should make way for him.

Bring a surprise addition - like Bishnoi or Bhuvaneshwar. They always make us feel “how come we didn’t play you earlier?” with their surprise success.

It should be either Kallis or Boucher - can’t afford both… history says that only one of them strike in any given match.

3. Batting Order:

Pandey is probably cut out for opening, not for pinch hitting in the slog overs. Kallis as opener has not been a great succes. Uthappa looks confident as opener.

4. Special Requirements:

a. Dravid - please break the ‘run out’ jinx.
b. Top Clas Fielding - hate to state the obvious
c. Each Indian player should follow his respective superstitions. Not sure who has what. If Uthappa doesn’t have any, he should use the “same socks” as previous match. Sunil Gavaskar had this superstition!
d. At least one player should visit the Ganesha Temple on Bull Temple Road today grin
e. Each player should have ‘2 large’ (buttermilk???) before going to the field. Like some can drive better with ‘2 large’, the same applies to fielding too!
Fans: Don’t Drink & Drive



Posted by Raghunath on 10/12  at  05:58 PM

I am nervous too…!! I really hope the strategy against Mccullum works… Trying my best to erase the IPL -1 memories

Posted by karthik-c on 10/12  at  12:47 PM

the 11 man squad which we had for the last match was good!
instead steyn can replace roelf van der merwe so that the bowling attack will be lethal! the batting line up is too long for van der merwe to get a chance to bat

Posted by sunil-reddy on 10/12  at  12:10 PM

I know tomorrow will gonna be a big day for RCB as they are going to take Volts especially McCullum on the field who especially loves playing against RCB…

1.. TOSS:-  Lets Pray to God that RC wins the toss so that we can post a huge total on the board and the put the opposition especially McCullum under pressure.

2.. Team Composition:-
As McCullum will b there to face RC bowlers so its my opinion to have fast and furious bowlers in the playing XI. So in this case DALE STEYN is must as he is the best bowler after KUMBLE and it won’t be easy for McCullum to go after Steyn so easily.If Steyn plays then Boucher has to make the way open for him as Uthappa can easily stand behind the wickets and they have big hitters in the form of Uthappa, Merwe, Pandey and Taylor.

3.. Par Score:- Anything between 170-180 would be ideal to defend as I saw the entire Otago Volts team wud be depending onMcCullum to fire.So RCB bowlers should get him out as soon as possible.

4.. Batting order:-

1.. Uthappa
2.. Pandey
5.. Dravid
6.. Kohli
8.. Pravin
9.. Vinay
11. Kumble


Steyn should lead the attack followed by Pravin Kumar as it is very very necessary to start ur bowling wid the best speedstars available in the team to get McCullum out as soon as possible..
Then Merwe, Kumble , Vinay Kallis should continue as usual….If the RCB takes on the field wid my team then KUMBLE is smart and capable enough to extract the best out of the players…


Posted by sg081285 on 10/12  at  11:50 AM
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