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Down in the bushes!

Friday, October 16, 2009 at 09:29 PM


The Victorians came out all guns blazing and unfortunately we did not have an answer for the same. We had the right start with Pandey playing a good hand, but could not continue and the youngster gave away the early advantage.

Owing to the nature of the pitch, our other batsmen also could not go on after wasting a few balls here and there, namely Kohli, Robbie and Boucher. Taylor failed for the first time and we needed someone to raise his hand and be counted. Sadly that too did not happen and Merwe and Akhil sqaundered a good chance to make a name for themselves in this tournament.

It is sad that in the last 5 overs we barely scored 25 runs even after having a few wickets in hand. To top this, our bowling and fielding too let us down and we crahed out well before the 16th over. It was a slap on the face for all RCB fans and it really hurt.

Siva, Prashant and me were thinking of - what next? We met at the gate 1 next to the team bus waiting for the team to come and it just popped in my head. I asked them - we have the car to go to the hotel, you guys wanna use it? They said - we were there with the team in their good times...we will be with them in their bad times, we wil travel in the same bus!!!

That for me was the summary of this post friends, we know the team did not do well in the last match, but we all know what they are capable of, so let's just be there for them and encourage them to perform better.

As fans our team playing at home should have been given all the support and these are the times when may be fans shouting or rooting for their team could help them pick thmselves up and fight it out.

And remember, all is not over until it's over....it was sad to see thousands of people leave the stadium by the time the 11th over had finished. The supporters seemed more or less convinced that RCB would loose. I felt bad. If we as fans think and show them that we don't think we can win, how will the team buck up and show their spirit.

Let's be with them in their bad times, coz once the good times are back, we will only have more reason to enjoy!!!
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hey guys….awesum feedback…love d real passion u have fr d team sherrie…n @ Raghav and Prasad u guys r right…we need to build a bigger fanbase n more active ppl so tht in d nxt IPL we have fans all around d country…grt goin guys…the same i will def share with d team…will tell them how their fans r nt d typical ones n they will support them all throughout…grt!!!

Posted by RoyalPhantom on 10/17  at  10:33 AM

I do not know what are our chances to go through the next round(theoretically it is still possible to go thru but depending on results of every match in the team). anyways we need to build a strong strong fan-base before we get into the 3rd season on IPL.

Posted by prasad-prabhu on 10/17  at  12:08 AM

the last 2 lines is what “Ragers” tried to convey in his complete post!
Loved your comment sherrie!!

Posted by raghav-ramaiah on 10/16  at  11:47 PM

i completely agree with u! i think that its important to support the team when they are down and out i’m sure it didnt help their confidence too much to see the same fans that were on their feet chanting and cheering on monday walk out of a game half way i was really disappointed to see ppl throwing paper rockets and flags around! i am proud to say i stayed till the last run was hit and waited to applaud the team on their walk back to the dressing room!

Posted by sherrie on 10/16  at  10:59 PM
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