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Getting set for the D-Day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 05:29 AM


Today, I did a rekki of the stadium and saw where is the place where I could begin my face painting act, there is a fan zone here at the Chinnaswamy stadium with a capacity of about 2000 people, I plan to get there on Monday at around 5: 30 pm and start painting faces of people. Also, on the cards is having a banner with a one line slogan for the RCB team that will run for the entire diuration of the RCB campaign.

Watch out for me on that day as I will be accompanied by some other enthusiastic RCB fans like Pradeep and Bharath who have confirmed their coming to the match. Am looking for some more volunteers who will help me.

I even plan to come and attract those on the other stands who will be cheering the team with some banner and flags and 4's and 6's banners. I will also be having a megaphone and shout out the slogans that I have made and some that I will pick from the comments I have received from enthusiastic fans.

Here I must mention that I am really grateful to those fans who have been commenting regularly on my page and increasing the interaction, it tells me that what I am doing is the right thing and its only helping the RCB.

Have got some great suggestions from people, and guys just to let you know the three of us here are trying everything to make this site even more interactive and are coming up with stuff daily to keep it as fresh and innovative as possible.

First up you will see the 'Spot the bal' contest started by Siva. One more on the cards is 'Hide and seek' where we will put pics of cricketes who have either turned their eye towards the camera or have just about managed to hide thier face from it. All you have to do is guess who he is.

So for all this and much more keep checking this space and Siva's page!!! till then, good bye!!

Will add a small piece about the post match analysis that we did with the Team Analyst Prasanna who gave us some great insights. Alright then, its tadaa for now!!

Latest Comments:

hey guys, thnx for all d support…n yaa i completely agree tht d task on hand is tough….but i am nt worried as i knw thr r thousands of RCB fans in d city who will come and support n help me motivate d team…d ragers squad is jst d same thing…i have a few fans tellin me they will come to d stadium…am hopin they will keep their word…so things shld fall in place…come on guys…bring it on

Posted by Ragers on 10/11  at  11:22 AM

Of the 3, Chief RCB Fan has the toughest job. I agree he should have a team. 1 Blogger is fine, 1 Photographer is fine but at least 6-10 Deputy Chief Fans are required.

Each should have a well defined role ... a few dance specialists, a few “country music” specialists, An Apache Indian, poster boys;-), etc etc

Posted by Raghunath on 10/11  at  07:30 AM

Hi Sid,
Some suggestion from my side too…
A) Do pick up some 50 fans who can help you in the group.
B) We want to make some arrangment so the fans get Team Jerseys and Flags outside the stadium with low price. I personally want one day the stadium full of red grin
C) I loved the one liner(slogant)
  “We are.. We are… Royals…..” suggested by some one in ur blog.
Last match around 50 ppl we came from our office we shouted in the stadium and it sounds superb…
It was sounding like some english song
“We will.. We Will.. Rock U…..”
Some fans around us also started shouting along with us. Its too catchy and easy to chant for everyone…....

Posted by MallyaGuys on 10/11  at  05:25 AM

Hi Sid, I appreciate your effort, but a small request to RCB management from my side. Sid needs a team to deliver what he plans to do successfully. I have few suggestions, please incorporate to deliver the results.

1. Sid should be given a set of fans from RCB club and execute it together. One chief fan all around that big stadium, that too in T20 is impossible.
2.  Chief RCB fan should have a team of at least five, bcos the photographer and blogger has a singular task where as fan chief’s task is multiple and can be executed by a group only.

Posted by vinayak-sanjay on 10/11  at  12:39 AM

I was expecting to hear more from the top 3.. just some 2 posts a day is not enough! hehe.. I know you guys are busy, but if possible keep posting more!

Posted by KunJan on 10/10  at  11:21 PM

hey guys, thnx fr d comments…do contact me when u come to d stadium..will b grt to catch up and will b some good content for the site as well..some more fanatic fans….also..@ Mallyaguys - am in d process to finaise the final one liner….will def let u knw…will put up a post fr tht…so keep checkin this space fr more…

Posted by Ragers on 10/10  at  11:00 PM

hey grt idea ragers,

Planning to watch the match on 12th in stadium and meet u as well. !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jackky on 10/10  at  10:13 PM

m coming to wtch the match on 12th with my whole office grin hope 2 c u there

Posted by Rockky on 10/10  at  09:37 AM

Any Slogans or Chants finalised from the “Slogan” compitation???
Please publish a day before the next match so everyone can know it.

Posted by MallyaGuys on 10/10  at  07:02 AM
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