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Let’s make it a manic Monday for the Volts!

Friday, October 09, 2009 at 11:08 PM


Let's replace the mexican wave with the red wave this monday!

Guys, the plans for the opening match more or less remained on paper for the opening paper but that doesn't mean it will be the case. Have some great plans for the match on monday and I really need your support for this.

I am putting down some points, and will get into action right away.

We will need a lot more visibility, we need to let people know that Bangalore is right behind the Challengers and it is their home city!

Stuff that will happen this monday at the venue hours before the match.

I plan to be at the stadium with our chief Photographer Siva at around 4-4:30 pm to get the best dressed fan.
Get the face painting stuff and will need volunteers for the same - Bharath, Vinayak, Pradeep, am banking on you guys...others let me know if you'll will be coming to the game...it will be great if you can!
Will be distributing some flags, 4's and 6's banners, posters, caps and some other Royal Challengers freebies.
Will be running around in the stands to cheer each and every fan and shout out our slogans and anthems.
Will gather the jersey wearing fan and get them to pose for the camera.
Will get all people wearing red to come and sit together and start a wave by themselves.

These are some of the initial thoughts, will get back in a while with some more ideas and plans, till then guys keep posting and chatting.

We even sat with the team analyst today and got to know about the finer details and the complete match analysis, will post some of the things discussed to let other fans know where we faltered and give us an insight as to how much planning goes behind every match. And just imagine this is RCB, imagine what must the Indian team be doing and how many analysts would they be having!!!!

So stay tuned for lots more...

Latest Comments:

plz not lik glory glory man utd..let’s be unique..

Posted by yashas-chnadra on 10/13  at  06:20 AM

hey!!! We guys can shout GLORY Challengers GLORY!!!!!! it’ll be awesome

Posted by Royalchllngrsarmy on 10/11  at  10:11 PM

grt guys….do come…meet me at d stadium…clubhouse entrance…u guys gt my contact? Else…mail me will send it acros…also…tht hand made posters will add to it…get it…tht Red and Yellow pages make sense with jst R C n B as the alphabets….will do tht…grt idea Kunal….wish u cud join us…wud b grt to have such enthu fans….come one come all….will need u guys…d more d merrier…

Posted by Ragers on 10/11  at  11:18 AM

let’s make some chants just like football..

Posted by yashas-chnadra on 10/11  at  01:05 AM

I could make a poster and draw some players and paint it if you want.

Posted by soleiletchiots on 10/10  at  04:29 AM

Im also with you guys.. am gonna be at the match on monday.. let me know if i can contribute in anyway… grin

Posted by manujosh on 10/10  at  04:19 AM

Nidhi - For the best you need to brain storm! Get us there raspberry

Posted by KunJan on 10/10  at  03:28 AM

Super Idea Sid.We need to slowly form a very huge Fan base ,we need to sit together in the stands and get the whole crowd cheering for the team. But as nidi mentioned we need to think of plan where we can some how spread this slogan to all the members in the staduim.Real catchy line/sentence/song should be thought of for all the people in the stadium to follow.

Posted by prasad-prabhu on 10/10  at  02:30 AM

Slogan for the match against Otago volts:
“If you are lightning I’m 250 volts current I say!”
- Quick Gun Murugan!

Posted by KunJan on 10/10  at  01:01 AM

SID, I think you can make a number of slogans and distribute them for free.. offering free stuff will be good, but you need to get them involved. Simple letters,R,C,B in red and gold will set the mood. More than the 4’s and sixes one should be able to see color red!
Make slogans and start distributing, only if this were Chennai, i could help!
Make huge banners! Handmade create the real impact than the printed ones! Spread the cheer!

Posted by KunJan on 10/10  at  01:00 AM

You should select one slogan and get all the fans to rehearse it all weekend and spread to their friends, family and fellow fans. That way everyone at the stadium will have one slogan and will be able to chant it together (think volume!)

Posted by nidhi@RCB on 10/10  at  12:52 AM

Yo sid.. i hope you are reading some of the comments on previous posts, facebook posts,my blog this morning. There are tips that I have posted everywhere!

Posted by KunJan on 10/10  at  12:35 AM
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