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Results of Mischief Gals Poll : An Analysis

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 10:12 AM


Following are the results of a poll conducted on RCB blog :


If I were Pratibha Patil, I would invite the WCWHB party to form the government. The single “Other” {Nirdaliya) is all they need to woo to reach the critical halfway mark. In fact, even the second biggest opposition party with 32% votes wouldn’t mind giving outside support to WCWHB, a party that is keen to follow traditions but is brave enough to entertain experiments.

So strong is the winning party’s philosophy that the ideologically opposite and right-wingish NCAA (No Cheerleaders at all) party members are being speculated as lunatics. More about this loser party, later.

Let’s have a look at the demographic distribution of supporters of these parties. As is the norm in media, I would ignore the Nirdaliya.

1. WCWHB: Hope shines out from the party’s name. Remember Obama’s campaign. Those who voted for WCWHB, saw a colorful future. The fusion promised the taste of old and a sight of new, a beautiful amalgamation of different cultures wink. A few nerds too joined these guys just out of curiosity. They mistook the rhetorical beginning “Why can’t we” literally.

2. ILWMG (let’s have foreign cheerleaders): Some might accuse this party of patronizing anything foreign. The nasty ones can even smell racism (I love WHITE Mischief Gals). Truth is that this party liked what it has seen so far (understandably) and hence is resisting the change.

3. IP(We should have Indian cheerleaders): One might recall “Videshi Hatao, Swadeshi Apnao” days. The party should now look at the benefits of globalization that this country is reaping. Whenever Ross Taylor hits the ball for a six, we would love to see Indian cheerleaders dancing with dandiya sticks, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the foreign ones with pom-poms to compliment them. By the way, dandiya sticks would be so cool with some steps. grin

4. NCAA: Sadist would be a stronger word for the party. One out of the four is a not-so-considerate-wife. The second one doesn’t have a Tv and follows cricket on cricinfo. Third one is a religious fundamentalist with misplaced interests. Fourth one is Kallis himself, the one whose sister Janine dances for the opposition. As a cheerleader in the IPL 2008, Janine started dancing at the fall of a RCB wicket only to discover it was brother Jacques trudging back to the pavilion. "I don't mind really," said Kallis. "Except, she really did seem to be doing her job very well when I was out. She didn't have to look so pleased!"

I am so glad that the party I voted for won. It helps recover from the blues mentioned here after the CL got over.


Conclusion: Cheerleaders, as a rule, are all good.

-Prashant Dhanke
Latest Comments:

@Nidhi Thanks, that would be nice. If I want to campaign, is there a way to campaign for a particular option - in any poll? Does Facebook allow such contact ith other RCB Fans? If yes, great! Otherwise, I would say that’s where yahoogroups scores.

@ishu619 I am now beginning to understand whay you are so fascinated (infatuated??) Good choice, but you will have to go through special training to even say Hi to her properly! Especially considering she is a foreigner! But I admire you for your taste!!

Posted by Raghunath on 10/29  at  06:55 AM

haha, will do Raghu (regd. poll topic) (no campaigning for this one though!)

Regd. sign up - people don’t have to sign up for Polls (they do if they want to comment)

let me look into using open ID or something similar for comments

Posted by nidhi@RCB on 10/29  at  04:06 AM


One of the first things you need to do on Polls is to ‘delink’ it from ‘Sign Up as RCB fan’ Then you will get many more visitors participating in voting. For example, if I tell my friends to come and vote, they will say ‘sign up’ is always a boring process. If you just ask for email id, that’s enough. (Since this is not a contest, it’s OK).

If you want a topic for today’s poll, I can suggest one - dedicate this to @ishu619 !

In the pics sent by ishu619 on your blog http://bit.ly/ishusgals look at all the 4 Mischief Gals wearing white tops!
Who amongst them looks ‘most beautiful’!

A) 8th from right in Pic 17
B) 2nd from left in Pic 16
C) Standing 1st from left in Pic 15
D) Kneeling 1st from left in Pic 14

I hope I’ve not suggested the same person in the options! If so, take it as unintentional and my guess of who ishu’s flame is wink

Posted by Raghunath on 10/29  at  12:15 AM

@Raghu okay, let’s try some campaigning for today’s poll. need to think of a topic now…

Posted by nidhi@RCB on 10/28  at  09:41 PM

haha too funny! IP with dandiya sticks?? That’ll be the day smile And instead of Dandiya sticks it could be gulli cricket dandas no?

Posted by kaex88 on 10/28  at  09:34 PM

Phantom, good one! Thanks for bringing new perspectives into this site.

@Nidhi Maybe in future, whenever you have a poll, yopu should allow some campaigning before allowing us to vote!

Posted by Raghunath on 10/28  at  06:58 PM
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