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The Champions League begins…

Friday, October 09, 2009 at 10:57 AM


We just about made it in time to catch the opening ceremony of the Airtel Champions League '09!
Before I begin talking about the opening ceremony and the match, let me tell you how we began from the hotel.

At 5: 30 pm was the team meeting which lasted for about 10 mins, after that a quick dispersal was what Ray wanted. As we left the Players' room, the entire hotel was waiting outside to wish us luck. They all stood in the corridor and started a 3 time clap. The team reacted with a smile and a small nod of the head by the captain, appreciating the wishes.

After this we headed for the bus. First and foremost, let me tell you, all three of us today traveled in the team bus!! It was the chance of a lifetime and I made some of my friends jealous by letting them know about it through SMS. We were sitting right next to Jammie and PK. Siva got busy taking pictures while I was observing the rest. Jumbo came in with his wife and two cute little kids. The mood in the bus was quite jovial. The South Africans seemed busy in their fun talks while the Indians looked a bit sombre. PK was the funny guy, checking what photos Siva took and stopped immediately when he saw a couple of his. His nodding told us, he liked it...

Virat entered the bus with his headphones on and was seen commenting on how Manish Pandey looked. His first word was ' Arre Pandey, tu toh Ajay Devgan lag raha hai, golmaal wala!' and the gang at the back burst into a laughter.

As we proceeded, I started looking out and saw the people on the road notice the official bus sign and started pointing and waving at the bus, expecting to see the stars. Not sure if everyone looked out, but we managed to get a few pics from inside the bus.

It was fun looking at people, waving and showing others about the bus, infact so kicked was I about this, that me and Prashant actually started waving back. Now come on, we would not have got a chance like this again!! So we made the most of it and fooled a few people and made them believe we were the players!! wink

We reached the stadium amidst a lot of chaos and traffic, only to leave them at the main gate and enter the stadium through the other gate. Since this is an ICC event, we could not access the player's dressing room. But we did get seats for the premium box, and the blogger Mr. Dhanke was even luckier as he got the corporate box!! raspberry...

Then in a few minutes began the opening ceremony with Mr. Lalit Modi giving a small speech with his signatory lisp!! Shaz was on the podium as he introduced the 12 captains and got their hand prints for life on the plaster of Paris frames kept for each captain. A novel idea this, I quite liked it.

To see how good the opening ceremony was you will have to request Mr. Siva to upload a lot more than what he has so far. Each act was better than the other, but two -three that stood out and got etched in my mind were the chinky kids performing the dance ### acrobatic skill show and the laser show that preceded the toss.

Till then everything looked so spectacular. We witnessed performances from Shaggy, a drum band, some athletes who used a cube as their prop and displayed their flexibility, some people doing the sword dance, and lots more...

It was indeed a ceremony to remember, me and Siva were sharing one word for almost an hour - WOW!
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super man.. i envy u guys….but… anyways nice job guys.. keep posting topics and ideas . i think we have potential to form a huge fan base (some think like barmy-army):)

Posted by prasad-prabhu on 10/10  at  02:41 AM

gr8 man,.. so u guys having fun wow

Posted by Rockky on 10/10  at  12:03 AM

Yaara enjoy every moment, aise mauke baar baar nahi aate! And stop making us jealous by posting every single detail!

Posted by KunJan on 10/09  at  06:49 PM

You write well smile...guess it would be good to get some sleep now…keep at it…would love to read what you have for us every day…thanks

Posted by draidus on 10/09  at  04:53 PM
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