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What went wrong?

Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 09:43 PM


A score of 180 in 20 overs, a home support of over 40, 000 people, presence of world class bowlers in Kallis, Kumble, Van Der Merwe and Praveen Kumar. Yet, we were not able to defend a score of 180 against a team that was playing in India for the first time, were not the best player of spin and most importantly their best batsman got out first ball!

Sometimes, even after having some of the best things facilitated for you, we do not get the best results, the reason could be the timing of everything falling in the right place. Agreed, with a total of 180 most teams would defend it 9 times out of 10, but we faltered.

I feel the reason was a little lack of co-ordination. Between the bowlers and the fielders, the ones who bowled well did not have the best time with the fielders and vice-versa.
May be a different combination could have done the trick, may be it wouldn’t have. Let’s look at it the other way, may be this loss gives us that opportunity to think and play harder and not leave any stone unturned for the matches to come.

What is expected out of us is very clear and the job on hand is to focus on the matches and play some hard cricket.

Let bygones be bygones and lets work on our strengths and get the basics right.

Let’s not argue on why was Virat Kohli given that over or why wasn’t Kallis asked to bowl at the death.

Seeing the team’s preparation and the way they have been working hard we are confident of a turnaround. Keep the faith and see how we turn tables at the next game on Monday.

Guys just get ready to pump up your team on Monday and spread the cheer.

Latest Comments:

I agree dude we were short of bowlers. I think pandey has to be sacrificed its hard but no other go

Posted by xavi on 10/13  at  12:26 AM

wat ever happens man lets support our team go rcb

Posted by xavi on 10/13  at  12:16 AM

hey SID,

I thought Dumminy has really dominated the show and is really a class player who made all the difference for the match.

Anyways RCB has done the same thing and raised the game when it required most in IPL 2009.

I am expecting the same and let us hope the best Let us paint RED AND GOLD !!!!!!!!! for the match on 12th oct

Hey SID wish u all the best

Come on Jammy and Jumbo rock rock ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jackky on 10/11  at  04:21 AM

well blog dude…but i think rcb were short of a bowler….It mite sound hard but i think in the next match rcb shud drop either pandey or boucher and take bhuvaneswar kumar or steyn respectively..
i know both manish n boucher r not replaceable but rcb already have god batsmen in their rank.so the team shud be:
uthappa,kallis, dravid, taylor, kohli, pandey/boucher,merwe,pravin,vinay,steyn/bhuvaneswar, kumble

Posted by sg081285 on 10/11  at  04:18 AM

Hey Raghu, totally get ur point, but can’t help it as a fan I feel like expressing my opinion about the way things have worked out.

As far as the things that you are looking fwd to, could not do much I was restricted to one stand for the opening match. a Lot of things are planned for the match on monday.

Better watch out for that day, nice ideas tho…but unfortunately havent see such crazy fans yet…hopefully on monday i will..

Posted by RoyalPhantom on 10/11  at  03:39 AM


Nice to see you writing. But I feel you should focus on the ‘fan frenzy you will create in the stands’ - rather than any match analysis - pre or post (suggest you leave it to the Blogger).

I would like to see you coming up with some crazy posts like:


2. To TAKE A LEAF from the crowds we see in WC Soccer, get some guys to shave off one part of their head - some in front, some at back and some on the side - like left brain, right brain - and get RCB logo painted on the pate;
3. some guys take half their moustache off and some watch the match shirtless (males only!) if they can withstand Bangalore climate
4. Find some yogis and make them do “shirisasana” whenever an RCB batsman hits a six or whenever an RCB bowler gives less than 5 runs in an over

If you’ve already done many of these, sorry I missed it on TV - was chatting on the net when the match was on. Couldn’t multitask properly.



Posted by Raghunath on 10/10  at  11:35 PM

But i felt that Steyn cud have played the match!!! Nyways… RCB always thrills us towards the end.. Go RCB!!!!

Posted by ajay-rg on 10/10  at  11:16 PM
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