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Update on IPL 2011 Schedule, Teams, Format
Posted: 11 November 2010 12:37 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Starting this thread so we can all stay on top of the schedule, teams and format of IPL 2011.

IPL 2011 is to start on April 7, 2011, five days after the end of the Cricket World Cup.

There’s still no update on how many teams will be playing with the addition of 2 teams, the uncertainty over the Kochi team and the controversy around Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

From an article on Cricinfo (Sept 5), the format and league were to be as below. This will probably change based on the number of teams playing in IPL 2011.

In each of the next three seasons, the IPL will comprise 70 league matches and four playoff games. The ten teams will be split into two groups of five, but will be ranked together in one composite league table. The change was necessary due to the inclusion of two new teams, Pune and Kochi, from the next season. An extension of the current home-and-away format would have stretched the season to 94 matches, which had prompted concerns of player burn-out. Franchise owners were also reluctant to reduce the minimum number of matches their team would play each season. These constraints have led to a convoluted format.

League phase
Every team will play the same number of league games (14, seven home and seven away) as in previous seasons with the following break-up: each team will play the other four in its group both home and away (eight matches), four of the teams in the other group once (four matches, either home or away) and the remaining team in the other group twice, both home and away. A random draw will decide the composition of the groups as well as who plays whom across the groups once and twice.

For more: Cricinfo - http://www.cricinfo.com/indian-premier-league-2011/content/story/475828.html

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