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2nd Topic-The downfall of indian cricket!
Posted: 27 December 2010 08:50 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Well After Dravid,Sachin and Laxman Retire The State of Indian Team Wouldn’t be Better as it is now. Can you call a river ,a river if it doesn’t have water?;can you call a tree, a tree if it doesn’t have any leaves?;Can you call a community, a community if it doesn’t have any people? In this similar way can you call a team a team if it doesn’t have any quality batsmen’s?
If we Add the Runs of Sachin,Dravid and VVS and compare them to the runs of whole team then we will find a Hugh difference between them as all three of them are the legends of Indian team.
If they retire we will not be no.1,Indian Cricket Will Not be good and will not be at the right path as it is now. Every children of a Street knows Dravid,Sachin and VVS but they didn’t know Raina,Ishant etc.
They all are placed since 15-20 years non Stop,They add Flexibility to our middle order that’s we we have the strongest middle order.They are the only one’s who have Better Experience!.If They retire who would you trust? Yuvraj?Dhoni?Sehwag? ,What will be the structure of middle order? No one can answer these question because they all three are the gods of 1 crore Indian Fan.
There Were many Conflicts about them,some politics in Indian Cricket Laid them to go out of the team but they never give up. They never feared . They Tookup the challenge and the selectors has no other option to take these players back in the Team. They and die to make their team to triumph!.
If you compare them to other players in team no one have that potential that there three have!
If they retire Indian Cricket will have a huge huge blow!.In ODI we can be still in the race but in test ????
No answer!
In tests we need Experience, Mental and Self Control, Aggressiveness’, Stamina ,Capability to make 2-3 singles per over,Be solid at wicket and many more things.
These things are in Dravid,Laxman,and Sachin! And few other Indian Test players like Gautam,Viru and Dhoni!
But can we play with these three-Gautam Ghambir,Sehwag and Dhoni???
We must have 7 Batsmen but who will be the other four?
Raina? Yuvi? Pujara?Kartik?Badrinath???
They will play but not like These Three legends!
Let’s take an example on recent test match between India and South Africa!
Dale Steyn and Morkel Were Falling on Indian Batmens As they want to kill them with short balls!
Youngsters were not able to play or defend themselves but the three gave a strong reply to them!.
3 years Ago indian cricket also had too many good stars like kumble and Ganguly but when they retire that time also india suffered and they also started think that time what will be the future of Indian when three more player-Sachin,Dravid and laxman retire!
Sachin,Dravid and laxman can be called as Record Books as they have too many records in their favour.Each’s Performance overleap the others.
So if you start Thinking of their replacement then here are few which can come!.
Virat Kohli- he is a string competitor to replace dravid!.Many fans have posted the He is a Ideal Replacement for Dravid.He is like Dravid.He can Defence,He can hit,He can play under pressures situation.He hits Classic Shots.
Cheteswar pujara one who made his idol dravid replaced dravid ‘s   no.3 position in Bengaluru test against Australia and made a brisk 50 which helped india to win the math and helped him to prove that he can replace dravid.Pujara has his own playing Style which shows his talent.Pujara can Be Future Rahul Dravid.
Subrimanyam Badrinath who is also classical can replace tendulker/Laxman/Dravid.
There are too many probables but all I can say that indian cricked will face a huge blow!

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