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2nd Topic - Kingdom without Kings
Posted: 27 December 2010 09:43 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman. The names which can create Tachycardia among the best bowlers in the world. So, whats the fate of Indian team when they retire? It will lose its Kohinoor. India will no more be Very Very Special nor Solid . It would take few months to see a Full house Cricket Stadium and very rarely even a packed Cricket Stadium during a Test Match. After these 3 retire, there will be many happy faces as well. Shane Warne who was recently flattered by comeback talk after Australias’ poor performance in Ashes, might say, ‘I want to make my comeback for a series against India.” Ricky Ponting might say, ” Lets tour India and Im not afraid if all the tests are scheduled at Eden Gardens” smile Shoaib Akthar might atlast feel worth for running in from that long distance.

Indian Team will be affected a,lot in their Test Performances as these terrific three were Instrumental in India’s excellent play in the last decade which now shows India as the No.1 Test Team in the World. India would be morely affected in these aspects.

1. Dressing Room Morale:
This plays a major role in performing as a team. The seniors, especially these 3 help the rest of the members by giving them confidence and supporting them throughout. The presence of these 3 will always make the team feel better and at the same time control the rest. So, we gonna miss all this after they retire. Especially in test matches, they provide a big temple where the other players can learn by seeing them.

2.Overseas Performance:
This gonna hurt India after they retire. It will take sometime after these 3 retire for India to get a solid middle order. After Ganguly retire till now we dnt have a proper replacement of him who can bat in the overseas conditions consistently. Talking about tackling of Bouncers,  these 3 names top the table for India. So, it will be initially like a curry without salt alteast for sometime when Indian Team can find its permanent replacements.

3. Following:
Obviously following of the Indian Team would be reduced. People say, “If cricket is religion, Sachin is God”. Few people may quit watching cricket saying, “Whats Religion without God?”

What needs to be Done?:
India has room for as long as 10 full fledged teams if they wish. If Sri Lanka can get a good 11 why Can’t India? They will need time but there’s no limit for Young Talent in the country.

The domestic league should be more stabilized and if possible overseas touring should be provided from the Domestic Teams. Strong Domestic league is the building block for a Good National Team. Few players like C Pujara, M Vijay, V Kohli have already raised their hands that they can prove that they are the Future.

As Dravid always says, “ If u put effort in the right places, results will take care of themselves” Indian Young players should not lose hope and work hard. With good people around them like Viru and Dhoni, lets hope India can build a good team in the future.

Before Dravid, Sachin and Laxman, Indian Cricket was good and after that it became better with these 3 and lest hope it becomes more better in the future days even though the terrific three retire..

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