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3rd Topic-IPL-The Key of Success
Posted: 30 December 2010 06:34 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Yea IPL-4 will be as fascinating as it was in its all three previous seasons. What do you think that if lalit modi is out so IPL(Indian Premier League) will not be successful? Tell me if a country can run with the change of its president then its just IPL.I agree that lalit was the man behind its success but he has given a direction of what is IPL and What to do or not!. You can also make IPL successful!.
Let me give you an Example- Lalit modi was removed from BCCI just after the end of IPL-3 and yea before Champions League 2010! But Which CLT20 was more successful?2009 or 2010?
Obviously 2010 as it was superb, outstanding, mind-blowing ,new country, new stadiums and much more that made it successful .
Its T-20 man!
Now coming to the topic- How it can be the best season
It can be the best season with lots of things- 2 New Teams i.e Sahara Pune Warriors and Kochi,New Players, New refreshed teams, Auctions, New Venues, More matches, Matches @Cinema!  More Bollywood, More Entertainment, More Excitement, More Sixes and fours!and yea more Crazy Fans!. and much more things!
-With the inclusion of Pune and Sahara DLF Indian premier League’s Competition has increased and which will make new communities, crazy fans!! Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Some new players like James Andersen, Stuart Broad,Swnn,Luke Wright, Yardy,Lara,Ben etc. male IPL more interesting Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-The Auctions which will take place on 8th-9th January in Bengaluru(the home of Cricket)will make a change in teams and will will have new refreshed teams with new players (both Overseas and Indian) Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Well if we would have new teams then its obviously that we would have new venues Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-More matches Will keep the fans to get more Entertainment! Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Matches @ Cinema proved to be good in Season 3 and will prove to be good in this season too Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Now if we have more teams then its sure the we would have more and more Bollywood glamour Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
- New crazy fans will be there who will create communities and you will hear “RCB RCB RCB “ again! Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Even after that coming to Our Site- The Den of Cricket Lovers :p we will see too many contests like Fanatic Fans Challenge-IV, Mighty-14(The biggest challenge) and also more Active fans will be there, We might got chance to meet our Best RC player Which will make IPL 4 Successful.
-Its T-20 and we will have more and more rains of sixes and fours which will not only entertain the fan but also make The players feel good! Which will make IPL 4 Successful
-One sad thing for fans that IPL Nights are banned but good news for cricketers as we want them more active on field not in IPL parties Which will make IPL 4 Successful..
“There are too many other reasons which I cant explain due to lack of time but its sure That DLF IPL 2011(bole too Entertainment ka full dose)will be as fascinating and successful as it was”

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