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4th Topic - Slide of the Once Mighty Giants
Posted: 02 January 2011 03:21 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Australian Cricket Team is considered to be one of the best Cricket Team in world Cricket. It has produced many great players in Cricketing history that anyone can ever think of.  The Cricket dominance by Australia started many many decades ago with Sir Don Bradman, even more when Allan Robert Border took over the captaincy of the team from Kim Hughes in (1985-1994). His record speaks for itself and he was also the one who was responsible to win back the Ashes and also earned Australia its first World Cup (Reliance Cup 1987).

Then came another great captain for Australia, Mark Taylor nicknamed “Tubby” who succeeded Border.  He and his team were the ones who were responsible for Australia’s rise to Test cricket dominance. His most important character required for which is always needed in Cricket was he always remained positive. Adam Gilchrist, regarded as one of the most the fearsome and powerful batsman made his debut in ODI under Taylor’s captaincy. Mark Taylor won 26 Tests and lost 13 out of 50 Tests for the team record which was sensational in the past years. 

Steve Waugh then became captain of Australian Team from 1999 and took it forward from where after Mark Taylor had left. He won a number of matches for his team and his team was unmatched. He was known as “Tugga”. His team won the World Cup in 1999. Australian dominance in World Cricket continued. Soon after Steve Waugh, Ricky Pointing became captain and then from then on and like before it was only one aim for Australian Cricket i.e. to keep winning as always. That is what happened, they kept winning matches after matches series after series and there was no team in the world that could defeat them. Winning had become Australia’s habit. It was so difficult to beat this team that a Test Series Tournament which was organized to defeat this team in form of where all best players from various countries were put in 1 team still Australia won it. Such was the power of Australian Team. Even the 2003 and 2007 “World Cup” were won after 1999 i.e. they won 3 World Cups in a row which no one could ever dream of, such was the dominating nature of this team.

Downfall of Australian Cricket:
Talking of all the good things which has happened for the Australian team, they got to accept that fact that after all these years of dominance their downfall has begun. Over last year or so Australia has lost so many matches that no one could even dream of including the team itself. They started losing series after series be it against India or anywhere else. Most importantly they have lost which is considered to be one of the most important series against England is “The Ashes”. Unfortunately for Ricky even though Australia were doing so well his whose only Ashes victory in four campaigns was the 5-0 whitewash in 2006-07. His dream of winning in India will always remain a dream. There could be nothing worst than this that Australia ended up losing the current Ashes 2010 series against England. Adding fuel to the fire and to make things go worst Ricky Pointing was declared ruled out from last Ashes Test Match due to injury and was replaced by Michael Clarke as captain for the last Test match.

We can very well say that Aussies rule in World Cricket is experiencing a downfall, but we can also say that they are still No.1 Ranked ODI but not far behind they might lose this “ODI Crown” too after being dethroned in their No.1 ranking in Tests by India, if the situations are not taken care of.  As for 20-20 we can say that after losing many matches they are still developing as a side but are not dominant in this format too. Talking of 20-20 and IPL too, Aussies players were tagged at very average prices to be bought by the franchise for their IPL Teams, which in itself showed their capability in this 20-20 format of the game and even the world knew this well.

The reasons can be plenty to be pointed out and blamed upon for Aussies downfall. Most important ones to which we can point out would be too many retirements from great players like Glen McGrath,Shane Warne,Adam Gilchrist,Mathew Hayden,Justin Langer and many more took place such that leaving a huge gap and not giving enough time to the team to develop and frame up the new players and rebuilding was never easy leaving a big loophole in the team. Even a highly rated bowler Bret Lee could not manage to lead the attack after their retirements and has been regularly out of the side adding woes to the current status of the team. This has proved the fact that Ricky Pointing was a successful captain not just because of his capability but due to these great players too. The new players who have entered the team are not yet developed and are still learning and are not largely experienced.

Who should be blamed for this downfall?  Should the Team Management be blamed, or the selectors or the captain Pointing himself? Is this the end of captaincy too for “Punter”? Many are wondering if Aussies who have been ruling over the last 3 World Cup’s that would they even be reaching the Semi-Finals of 2011 World Cup seeing their current record.

“Last but not the least, Yes the Aussies downfall has begun, the tide is changing its direction slowly and World Cricket dominance of Aussies is nearing to an end, but slowly they can recover and this can be avoided in the future by having good back-ups of players at the right time and Australian Cricket can come back as strong as before”. 

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