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Posted: 11 January 2011 03:05 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Though i am a big fan of THE KING OF GOOD TIMES Dr.Vijay Mallya,i believe his presence might have increased the price at which RCB players were bought.We all know him as a man of style and panache which was all too visible in the auction.This particular attitude might have cost us in the auction.If RCB needed a player Dr.Mallya would go up instantly and when another team bid he would react instantaneously.This helped other teams notably Kochi to raise the price of players as they were sure RCB would go for him.His strategy would have worked in other auctions were he has abundant money,but in this case when the purse was limited this might have robbed RCB of a couple of crucial players.

This was one of the facts that interested me during the auction and it looks like DR.Mallya also realised it at the end and was seen slowing down the process but by that time it was too late.On the whole RCB went in with a great amount of stratergy and research but a slight tactical error might have cost them a few players they might have wanted

Is this my own opinion or did others too observed it.Comments and feedbacks are welcome

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