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Why moderators are deleting posts and editing them unnecessarily..??
Posted: 23 May 2011 11:32 PM   [ Ignore ]
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U can’t just boss around…  misuse of powers…. there was nothing wrong in my post…

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Posted: 24 May 2011 01:51 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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Dear Pun33t,
We are very glad that you are an active RCB Fan and we appreciate it. It had come to my notice that
1. Some of the posts made by you as well as few other fans are being repeated i.e. Its already there in other forum, hence it had to be deleted, but in starting(we still do too) we used to merge(join) the repeated posts to the post created 1st either you or any other fans make so that your posts are also not deleted and one topic with same meaning are not there all over the forums.
2. We had strict instructions to delete the repeated posts, but instead we merged them to the already existing topic, I am sure you would appreciate that. But sometimes when we really find too many posts of same meaning(topic) we have to delete them.
3. Now regarding editing the posts, we request you to make a topic in such a way that its understood by others and is relevant. and the post which you had made, I moved it to Pre-Match Discussion thread as it was meant to be for that section. So kindly do watch the section in which it has to be posted in, so that we also dont have to look into it every time and move the topic to correct sections. I hope you understand this part. 
In this same section Author Brit another RCB Fan had made same topic before you had made. His Topic name - Can we beat CSK again? Tell me, does it now mean the same and after that you had posted the below topic(link given) regarding tomorrow’s qualifiers. If I wanted I could have deleted your this topic too but instead I just re-named it to slightly correct meaning and moved it to correct section. I am going to move Topic posted by Brit to in Pre-Match Discussion Thread and am going to merge it with your topic(link given below) but after after you see Brit’s topic and am sure you would appreciate that I had not deleted your thread.
Link to the post moved to Pre-Match Dicussion thread from this section:(Post made by you)
Link of Author Brit:- (Same Topic, Different Topic Name, Post made earlier than the one you made)
4. I am sure you would have noticed what I said in my above reply that there are too many repeated posts if you go through the forums and we work hard to merge them to the already existing post but as mentioned that sometimes if there are too many then we have to delete them.
We try our best to keep the forums a happy place for the fans and we except the same from the fans too. After all we all are RCB fans and we want everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves.
So, i hope now its fine and just a small request do check the sections before posting the topic in case you find the same topic then post it in the existing topic. Regarding editing of topic once again do try to post as easy as you can and relevant too so its fine with everyone.
Do enjoy and dont worry about anything and only request is to follow what has been mentioned above.

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