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The Indian Premier League will be great for world cricket
Posted: 10 April 2012 11:53 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The Indian Premier League will be great for world cricket BECAUSE
Despite much anxiety and the amount of money being poured into it, I don’t believe that the Twenty20 format is a threat to Test cricket, because they are so different. In fact, I would argue that Twenty20 cricket will actually serve to create added interest in the Test format, as the form is easier to understand and get involved in, but is a relatively shallow experience, which will lead to fans looking to the longer form of the game for more depth and intensity. The Ashes will always be the most important cricket for England and Australia and the history behind this form of the game makes it too important to die out.

As for 50 over cricket, I would agree that this is severely threatened by Twenty20 cricket, but is this really a bad thing? After all, 50 over cricket is a cross between these two forms of cricket, but doesn’t seem to be as good as either. The only significance it seems to have as a competition is the history of it’s World Cup and yet the Twenty20 World Cup was also far more successful than the most recent dire 50 over World Cup. If the 50 over game did disappear it wouldn’t be missed.

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