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Posted: 11 January 2013 02:10 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Most of the Indian states banned the manufacture, trade and use of polythene bags of less than 20 microns thickness. From the United States to China and even in the supposedly more backward Sub-Saharan Africa countries have opted for banning these infernal bags. 
  People in China use 3 billion plastic bags daily, among which 1 billion were from grocery shopping. Most of the bags will never be used again. The central government has made rules to ban retailers from giving free plastic bags as a strategy to protect the environment and conserve resources. Retailers may face up to a 10,000-yuan (US$1,430) fine if they offer customers plastic bags for free, according to the new rule. Retailers are also banned from selling plastic bags at prices below cost. 
  San Francisco banned retailers from giving away plastic bags on March 27, 2007, while in other US cities, such as Los Angeles, governments have launched a plastic bag recycling movement. Some regions in Canada, Australia and Brazil also passed bills to ban or limit the use of plastic bags. Asia countries such as Singapore, Japan and South Korea have encouraged people to use their own shopping bags or use paper bags instead.
  Implement an “environmental” tax on plastics as this tax would make it the plastic not be the nearly free material it is today. Plastics are not cheap when you consider their hidden environmental costs which we do not pay for up-front, but eventually pay for in some way.

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