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Posted: 31 January 2013 02:56 PM   [ Ignore ]
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RP singh is in the auction list :p.i dont think we should go for high reputation players in the auction(purse is less and also there will be fresh auction for next year and try to make the best of the resources at hand)
and i think as far as the all rounders are concerned we should go for david wiese(superb hitter of the ball and his exploits with the ball is perfect for indian conditions or scott styris(same argument as that of David wiese.p.s-he has a 37 ball hundred) and the hugely underrated Christopher Morris (i know that he is a bit wayward but he has the X factor in him in his bowling and can tonk a few out of the ground as well.was very impressed with him in the champions league

and last but not the least i know many wont agree with me i think we should have fidel edwards(if we get him for a low price) in the team in case we get any fast and grassy pitches like in 2011 and 2012 wherein we got routed by dc in hyderabad by steyn,ishant and co.

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