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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

RCB Carbon Neutrality FAQ's

Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting, droughts and floods are increasing…it is time we act!!! RCB is the first IPL team to address the critical issue of Global Warming and Climate Change through a host of Go Green initiatives which began in IPL-3 and is proud to be the first carbon neutral cricket team, without the purchase of carbon credits. All the green initiatives of RCB are by the fans, of the fans and for the fans .

Read on to know more about Carbon Neutrality and how you can help RCB in this journey.

Carbon Neutral – What?

The atmosphere has a natural supply of greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases capture heat and keep the surface of the Earth warm enough for us to live on. Burning of Fossil fuels to run our cars, trucks, factories, flights and power plants, adds to the naturally available amount of greenhouse gases. These gases then stay in the atmosphere for at least fifty years and up to centuries building up beyond the Earth's capacity to remove them and, in effect, creating an extra-thick heat blanket around the Earth. This results in rise in temperatures and Climate Change which can in turn cause rise in sea levels - flooding coastal areas, extinction of animal and plant species, affect Human Health and Living Conditions and more. The issues associated with Global Warming and Climate Change has given rise to the concept of Carbon Neutrality. It means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in by taking up activities which either prevents GHGs from going into the atmosphere or capture the already present GHGs from the atmosphere.

Carbon Neutral – Why?

Every time we travel, watch television, use computers or even have a cricket match, we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. RCB also accounts for certain amount of Green House Gas emissions due to the various activities it engages in as part of the IPL and of course the cricket matches. Realizing its responsibility towards the environment, RCB has committed to being carbon neutral, to reduce as much GHGs from the atmosphere as it puts into.

Carbon Neutral – How?

Going Carbon neutral might be a big task but small contributions and efforts we RCB fans make can definitely help RCB in its Carbon Neutrality mission. During this IPL, RCB will be launching many fan driven green initiatives. All these initiatives are designed in such a way that it requires whole sole support from you the RCB fans!! You can help your team in being carbon neutral by bringing about small environment friendly changes in your regular lifestyle (like e.g. using a Solar Water Heater or a CFL) and then pledge them to RCB online at http://www.royalchallengers.com/go-green.

Carbon Neutral – When?

The Game begins this April!! Watchout the RCB Go Green Page for details