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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

Celebrate EARTH HOUR with RCB!!

Since its inception in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to become the world’s largest climate change initiative. Every year, lights are switched off around the globe for 60 minutes- a symbol of humanity’s quest to confront the urgent issue of climate change..! This year, the Earth Hour will be celebrated between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm on Saturday 26 March 2011. RCB wants everyone to join in with us this year!!  This Earth Hour, the aim to go Beyond the hour with actions that will benefit the planet in the year ahead. RCB will be going Beyond the Hour this Earth Hour through the Go Green initiatives such as tree plantation, 'Switch Over to CFLs', Bus Day, etc.. We urge all the RCB fans to go the extra mile even after the Earth Hour... Switch to a CFL at home, use water diligently, or maybe even shift to public transport for at least few days of the month! We can all make a difference, even if it isn't something big. So besides switching off the lights on 26th March, let us also spread the Green message around... RCB is Game for Green, Are you...?
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Latest comments
earth our celebration will be in mind
bappaditya on 25 Dec 2012, 10:14 AM
oks i will celebrate
sudhirRCCB on 22 Oct 2012, 02:07 PM
that is great
suresh-krishnamurthy on 30 Mar 2011, 01:51 PM
i switched off all the lights in my house ...to save earth.......a very little contribution but worth
majesticmahi on 30 Mar 2011, 01:36 AM
In India we celebrate Earth Hour everyday..!! ;) Seriously speaking I support EARTH HOUR :)
saifCHEERS on 29 Mar 2011, 04:19 AM
i did it
redhawk on 27 Mar 2011, 10:03 PM
In India, everyday we celebrate Earth Hour with power cuts. :P
nickname007 on 27 Mar 2011, 01:54 PM
i too would like to support the program... i am doing my bit.. Are you doing yours...
vikramrv on 27 Mar 2011, 02:05 AM
I agree & would like to support this program.
utsav-chirimar on 27 Mar 2011, 01:35 AM
yeah turning it off
pranjal-dixit on 27 Mar 2011, 01:12 AM
okkk done
Avakash on 27 Mar 2011, 01:05 AM
yes this kind of days india has to celebrate because the water availability is reduced day by day which means electricity also got reduced ...on earth so we has to conserve electricity for our future generation ...by celebrating this thanx rcb for such days...
kaku08 on 26 Mar 2011, 08:43 PM
yaa offcourse for our future generation it is very neccessary to conserve earth ....& the day will not far when earth got damaged we has to celebrate this kind of festival or day ...thanx for organising such type of days i will definetely do & also told other people to do so...
anmol08 on 26 Mar 2011, 08:38 PM
rcb roks
jinendra on 26 Mar 2011, 07:20 PM
RCB you r the best !!
celina-mittal on 26 Mar 2011, 07:02 PM
i m there wid u rcb..............great thing to do...luv u rcb
anmol08 on 25 Mar 2011, 09:33 PM
thats a good initiative for safer and greener earth
charan4u77 on 25 Mar 2011, 12:57 PM
i will!!!
mridul-mittal on 24 Mar 2011, 06:12 PM
Good initiative.. we should support...
Avakash on 23 Mar 2011, 10:49 PM
everyone has to take an oath on this event
krishnasa1 on 23 Mar 2011, 07:17 PM
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