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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

RCB is Game for Green are you?
Small steps that you can take to help RCB in this Noble Cause!!

Step 1: Champion the RCB Green Initiatives at your locality- Create Awareness about RCB Go Green Initiative and increase the RCB fans count

Step 2: Participate in all RCB Green Initiatives online as well as ask your friends & Family to do the same

Award Showcase
Recently,  a post on Facebook said “Chris Gayle is 5.1% Green. Virat Kohli is 11.4% Green. Do you use a solar water heater or an electric vehicle? Then, you can pledge your emission reductions to your favourite RCB player and make them more green!”  This post got about 200 shares on Facebook and many people wondered what can RCB possibly mean by saying Virat Kohli is 11.4% Green.
This curious mind browsed the page given in the status. Boy, was I surprised! RCB is not just writing stuff. They actually mean that. While people are actively pledging reductions, they are doing so to RCB or to their favorite player. When an RCB player plays in an IPL, he leaves a ‘carbon footprint’ which RCB wants to offset. Virat Kolhi is 11.4% Green means that just 11.4 % of his carbon footprint has been offset so far.
If your favorite player is Chris Gayle and you want him to become the most Green player, then understand that you are a part of the team and not just the 12th man; do something. All you have to do is PLEDGE YOUR REDUCTIONS! If you use a solar water or an electric vehicle, pledge your emission reductions from using these eco-friendly alternatives to your favourite player.
And what’s more – RCB will reward you for making the team green! Depending on the amount of reductions you pledge, RCB awards you points. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for RCB merchandise.
Support RCB; help your favorite player and team become green; win RCB merchandise!
What other reason do you need ? Log on to http://www.royalchallengers.com/go-green and help RCB create history of becoming the world’s first carbon-positive team. read more

royal challengers“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second
best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
I hear you want to be a part of the Game - the Game for
Green. I hear you want to join RCB to plant trees across Bangalore. I hear you
have land where you would like trees to be planted.
Then, come and join hands with RCB for Greenaissance!
RCB has launched Greenaissance to
make Namma Bengaluru greener. Through Greenaissance, RCB aims to restore the
beauty of our city and make it true to its name of the ‘Garden City’ by
planting trees in the urban sprawl of Bengaluru.royal challengers
Like every other RCB initiative, Greenaissance is of the
fans, by the fans and for the fans. It aims at bringing together fans like us
who want to green Namma Bengaluru. So, whether you are an individual, school,
college, Corporate, Government office or any other group or organization, come
forward and support Greenaissance by either offering land for plantation or
volunteering to carry out the plantation. 
Students and their teachers, employees and their employers, players and
their coaches ¾
everyone is invited to be a part of Greenaissance!
We need your support to make Greenaissance the biggest
people’s movement for greening Bangalore!. Find out more at  http://www.royalchallengers.com/go-green
and join the campaign!
read more
Last year, Royal Challengers Bangalore became the first and
till date, the only carbon-neutral cricket team in the world by not buying
carbon-credits, but through fan driven initiatives.
The entire carbon footprint of the RCB team was offset by
fans who pledged their emission reductions from the use of solar water
heaters to their favorite team.
royal challengers
This year, Royal Challengers Bangalore aims to become
carbon-positive. For those who understand what that means, you have every right
to feel astonished because that is quite bold an aim. For those who do not,
well, I have already written about RCB being carbon-neutral; let’s just say
that they are taking that campaign to a whole new level by not only
neutralizing their footprint, but by achieving twice the amount of carbon
reductions. We have seen them pull the impossible on field. We might now see
them do the improbable in this ‘Game for Green’.
We, as fans, were happy and at the same time proud of the
role we got to play in making them carbon-neutral. RCB again wants our support
and help in making them carbon-positive. This time we will create history! This
time we will dance with the ‘Gods of Green’! I am already excited about it and
have just got one of my friends to donate his reductions to RCB. He has pledged
his reductions to Virat Kohli (who is now 11.4% Green). From what I have heard,
RCB is coming up with many more Green initiatives and I will keep you posted on
all of them in this blog.
I will be a part of all these Green initiatives and would
love it if you joined in as well. While we are playing this Game for Green, why
not hit a six on every ball?
RCB is Game for Green, are you?! read more
royal challengers

Our Planet, Our Home, Our Earth, Our World these are some of
the many names given to the planet we live in. But, I guess Mother Earth is a universal
expression for the planet earth in a lot of countries and regions. It’s an
expression which very closely reflects our dependence on Earth and
acknowledgement of the fact that Earth and its ecosystem provides the
inhabitants with life and means of sustenance.
RCB has always been a conscious team creating awareness to
do the bit for Mother Earth.  If we look
around and observe we will see, Mother Earth being neglected marred by
irresponsible behavior of people living in it. All of us living in it have one
Home….One Mother..One Mother Earth.  The
incredible biodiversity hidden in it has so much stored in it to learn from.
So RCBiansss let’s give out a strong message out that we
care for Earth and we take steps responsibly towards its conservation. What
better way to start the good work than World Environment Day (WED). WED is an annual event organized by
United Nations Environment Programme aimed at being the biggest and most widely
celebrated Global Day for taking positive environmental action. Each year WED
is celebrated with a new theme in a different country. This year Brazil is the
host country and the 2012 theme for World Environment Day is Green
Economy: Does it include you? 
royal challengers
As a step ahead in the Green Journey, RCB will be launching
the Greenaisance tomorrow. This is
another innovative thought from RCB to restore the green cover in our Namma Bengaluru. We will keep you updated about the proceedings.

royal challengers

So what can a fellow RCBian do on a World Environment Day ?
You can contribute in your own special way. No good thought is big or small, its about the intentions in our mind. I am listing a few below :-
Take a vow to walk/cycle to your office/school/college atleast once a week. This is an awesome way to reduce the carbon emissions on our roads and a great way to get a better body ;)
Plant TREES : NO explanation needed !!! I havent met anyone in my whole life who doesnt feels good under the shade of big green tree on a hot sunny afternoon
Start Home Composting : Do it...I know you must be thinking to start soon, do it today and you will be amazed to see that you will end up recycling almost 90% of your kitchen waste and it creates rich soil for gardening. 
Take your kids out to Cubbon Park, tell them about different trees and how are they important to us !!!
Hope to see you at one of the plantation sessions at Greenaisaance :)
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Green Faqs
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    The atmosphere has a natural supply of greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases capture heat and keep the surface... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – Why?
    Every time we travel, watch television, use computers or even have a cricket match, we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – How?
    Going Carbon neutral might be a big task but small contributions and efforts we RCB fans make can definitely help RCB in its... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – When?
    The Game begins this April!! Watchout the RCB Go Green Page for details
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