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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

RCB is Game for Green are you?
Small steps that you can take to help RCB in this Noble Cause!!

Step 1: Champion the RCB Green Initiatives at your locality- Create Awareness about RCB Go Green Initiative and increase the RCB fans count

Step 2: Participate in all RCB Green Initiatives online as well as ask your friends & Family to do the same

Award Showcase
April 22nd, The International Mother Earth Day, declared by the United Nations Organization is a day which is dedicated to spreading awareness and working toward the environment in over 175 nations across the world. This year’s theme for the Earth Day celebration is ‘Mobilize the Earth’ and very much in alignment with this theme, RCB has launched its next Green initiative, the Greenaissance! 
Mobilizing the Earth means that the earth won’t wait and we have to act immediately. Now this is exactly what RCB is trying to achieve, and we definitely need your support. Greenaissance is a first of its kind campaign, to retain the greenery within the city through a citizenship approach with participation by Individuals, Institutions, Corporate, and Communities, making the city as green as possible. It gives a unique opportunity for all of us  to work for the environment make a contribution and help preserve the environment right from our homes & communities.
Greenaissance is online application available on the RCB green page which facilitates identification of both spaces and volunteers for planting a tree within Namma Bengaluru followed by tree planting drives across the garden city, starting a new era of greening the city. Here’s how it works…if you wish to plant a tree but don’t have the space to, or you have the space but need assistance in planting a tree, either way this initiative will fulfill your wish. RCB has taken up the responsibility of bringing you two groups together towards enabling the city to get back to as green as it was and as green as it can get!! As always RCB’s philosophy continues to be for the fans,of the fans and by the fans. 
So, all you have to do is log on to the RCB Green Page, click on Greenaissance - if you have space then click on “I have space, please plant a tree” or if you  want to participate in planting a tree then click on “I want to volunteer to plant a tree”. Once you have entered your details in the form click on “Pledge” and we will inform about the event details. 
Join and Support RCB in making Namma Bengaluru Greener, RCB is game for Green! Are you????
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If you still use the electricity run geysers to heat water then the Solar Water Heater [SWH] is definitely a better way to go, and here’s why! The solar water heating systems comprise of several innovations and mature renewable energy techniques for the heating of water also reducing the consumption of energy. They are designed in a manner to produce warm water mostly all around the year. Wikipedia says, the electricity consumed by the SWH is primarily dependant on the sunlight in the particular place, in most places it saves up to 8% of energy and the difference in the carbon emissions reaches 20% and when compared to the gas water heaters it saves half the emissions.
RCB is all for playing the game the Green way, all we need is your support in doing so. Help your team get Greener by pledging your usage to your favorite players or the team as a whole. Here is how to go about it: log on to http://www.royalchallengers.com/go-green , the RCB green page. Then click on “Want to make your team Green? Here’s how!” select the ‘Solar water heater’ option and fill in the details an hit “next”. Guess what! This time you can then pledge the usage of the SWH to your favorite player too.
Wait it gets even better!! As RCB also brings to you an exciting new contest-Have you captured the most sunlight?? This contest encourages and acknowledges the usage of solar water heaters. Wondering how to participate and win attractive prizes? Here’s how:
Find as many solar water heaters in the city, get the details-their name, their address, the family size, the capacity of their solar water heater, since when they have been using a solar water heater fill the form on the green page for each heater; click a picture of the SWH and send the corresponding details torcbgogreen@nextgenpms.com  and get the owners to pledge its usage to their favorite RCB players or to the team.
Watch out this space for more, as RCB is game for Green… Are you??

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Going green at the stadium, on the roads and at work? Now is your chance to go green even online with your favorite team RCB. The all new Green page is here to dazzle your computer screens and excite you. Get to know your players better and also help them and your team in Going Greener. The green page has gotten you new, fun ways of going Green while also providing you all the information on your team’s green initiatives be it green achievements of RCB in the past few years and a lot more.
If you went Green today, tell us how:The RCB wish tree is present at every event of the team, as a symbol to encourage more people to go environment friendly. Each and every step that you take toward going green will be reflected as a leaf on the tree, what more…the new Green page gives you an opportunity to experience the same online.
Want to make your team Green? Here’s how.The games that you thoroughly enjoy causes a lot of pollution through the waste generated, players and fan travel, the electricity consumed for the lighting of the stadium etc. RCB is the first IPL team to address these issues and RCB team in Going Green. Here’s how you can help.

Use solar water heaters:Already using a Solar water heater? Great!! By using solar water heater for your houses you are contributing to the environment as you are using renewable energy rather than energy that pollutes the environment.
The usage of the Compact Florescent Light: CFL bulbs are recommended instead of the Florescent Light bulbs as they save 4-6 times the energy used providing the same kind of lighting.
Use the electronic bikes and cars:They carry a very low or negligible emission level and don’t emit Carbon-di-oxide (Co2) in the environment unlike their petrol run counterparts. This ultimately contributes to the reduction in the green house effect. 
Once you have taken these steps toward the environment, you can pledge them to either your favorite players or to the team as a whole. This way you and RCB will be working together toward the cause.
Green FAQs:RCB is on a mission- Carbon Neutrality! With the astonishing increase in temperature and pollution, RCB has been addressing the critical issue of global warming for the past three years and is proud to be the first cricket team without the purchase of any carbon credits. 
All RCB green initiatives are by the fans, of the fans and for the fans and RCB seek your help in the completion of the mission through your participation in the Green activities on the Green Page.
Looking to going green in the future in a big way? Want to contribute to working toward a better and healthier tomorrow? RCB is willing to give you a hand. Keep an eye on the Green Page for more opportunities and initiatives where you can work to make Namma Bengaluru a greener place to live in. royal challengers
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Wish you could fly above the traffic in the city right inside the stadium for the match? Does it take you more than 2 hours to reach a place that Google maps says only 20 minutes? Are you trying to look for new routes to avoid the traffic areas?
The increasing traffic caused due to urbanization and the mass migration of people to the city is a major source of pollution in Bangalore today and its time that we Bangaloreans do our bit to save our environment & city!
For those of you who find it impossible to commute by bus, here is how you can do your bit towards going Green, the solution is simple, carpool!
Wikipedia defines Carpooling as (also known as car-sharing, ride-sharing, lift-sharing and covoiturage), the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. So, rather than driving alone to the stadium you could car-pool. This way you are not only contributing to the traffic ease and saving your own time but also to the reduction of pollution in the city. This will also benefit your finances in a great way, as we all know that fuel costs are touching the sky.
Carpool benefits
Lesser fuel is used, saves money - as everyone can divide the fuel cost and is fun as you can take turns to drive, relief from the stress of driving. Your main roads will have easy flow of traffic, hence saves your time as well as for many others.
Where else!
You can also car-pool to schools, colleges, work, parties etc. And guess what! the Green Brigade - RCB team also travels together in the same bus to practice sessions & matches.
So, It’s Cool to Carpool & RCB is Game for Green, Are you??
 royal challengers
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Green Faqs
  • Carbon Neutral –What?
    The atmosphere has a natural supply of greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases capture heat and keep the surface... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – Why?
    Every time we travel, watch television, use computers or even have a cricket match, we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – How?
    Going Carbon neutral might be a big task but small contributions and efforts we RCB fans make can definitely help RCB in its... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – When?
    The Game begins this April!! Watchout the RCB Go Green Page for details
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