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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

RCB is Game for Green are you?
Small steps that you can take to help RCB in this Noble Cause!!

Step 1: Champion the RCB Green Initiatives at your locality- Create Awareness about RCB Go Green Initiative and increase the RCB fans count

Step 2: Participate in all RCB Green Initiatives online as well as ask your friends & Family to do the same

Award Showcase
Wondering what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon ???
Don't worry, get a big box of Pop corn and take a pick from the below listed Green Movies.....That's learning with entertainment :)
Waste Land - Waste Land follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world's largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Nominated for 2011 oscars for Best Documentary Feature
Saving Pelican - Nearly 9,000 birds were rescued from the oiled waters of the Gulf Coast in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill. Saving Pelican 895 is the story of the 895th bird to be rescued and rehabilitated by a dedicated team of wildlife experts and every day people, many of whom travel the world responding to oil disasters. This tale of a single bird, and the compassionate people deployed to save him, shows how the process of saving one life restored a degree of humanity for the rest of us. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director, Irene Taylor Brodsky. 

Into the COLD - A Journey of Soul - A moving story of endurance and commitment, Into The Cold delves into the depth of the human soul against the backdrop of the magnificent Great North. Environmental advocate, photographer, and adventurer, Sebastian Copeland, and his partner, Keith Heger, venture more than 400 miles on foot through sub-zero temperatures across the frozen Arctic ice cap with only courage and determination to see them through. Their harrowing two-month journey to the North Pole overcomes staggering conditions to finally reach their destination. In the history of exploration, few have ever successfully made this voyage - one of the toughest feats known to man. 

Age of Stupid - Great Documentary about climate change.
End of the line - Tale of over fishing.
Have a nice time watching the movies with The king of Good Time ;).
Let me know which one did you watch.....???
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Green Innings….!!!!
royal challengers
WHITEWASH – A lot of people wait for Diwali to white wash their homes. Diwali being festival of lights marks a ceremonious beginning for good things in our life and the run up to this festival day includes dusting, cleaning, sorting out etc. All this is done with a belief that Goddess Lakshmi enters only clean and well lit homes. 
 royal challengers
It was extremely overwhelming to see the new Indian Cricket Team (given the number of youngsters in the team) rising to occasion in the last played ODI series with England. The series which was termed as “Revenge Series” by the media was like a fairy-tale reversal of fortunes. England was condemned to their second consecutive white wash in ODI tours of India. 
Perfect way to start the celebrations smile
 royal challengers
Just before Deepawali, state government of Karnataka and BMRCL gifted Bangalore with the most Greenest, most pleasant and most anxiously awaited Launch of “Namma Metro.” With the Kick-off we are sure set to see the makeover of Bangalore. It was an amazing feel to see joyous faces of people waiting to get their Dream Ride. 
The Bangalore Metro has been described as world class…..I ask why not ??? Whatever Bangalore does, its world class wink.
 royal challengers
Bangalore has now been gifted with the Greenest gift that I can think of. I am sure we RCBians will make it our habit to take Namma Metro always whenever, wherever possible. Anything for the Green Mile wink
What do you say RCBians ??? 
Love Bangalore, Love Namma Metro.   read more
royal challengers
I was shell shocked when recently I was told at a posh restro that they dont serve "Normal water" and I will have to buy a bottle of mineral water. I was surprised that being such a posh restro how can they not just serve Tap water. Drinking unfiltered water at a road side eatery may not be a bright idea but at good restaurants it is the least expected from them to have proper water treatment method at place.
Whether it’s a shopping mall, gym or eating out at restaurants you are being forced to use "Bottled water." The bottled water no more is just the 'bottled water' but comes now in varieties like mineral, purified, spring, distilled, carbonated, oxygenated and vitamin-enriched and the list goes on. It’s the effect of this hype that bottled water industry has exploded in recent years, and enjoys annual sales of more than $35 billion worldwide.
royal challengers
Imagine the number of plastic bottles produced each year with that much money. Report says, Plastic water bottles can take 1,000 years to biodegrade. Though there has been a lot of word about recycling of these bottles, nine out of 10 water bottles end up as garbage or litter, and that means 30 million per day.
There is a popular video which shows the truth behind ‘Bottled water’ http://storyofstuff.org/bottledwater/
I am not saying that we should stop using the bottled water and switch to tap water all of a sudden. But, a suggested way can be to carry your own bottle from your home, its safe, clean and green!!! Even if this helps you reduce your consumption of purchased bottled water it is great.
I just hope, the restaurant I went doesn’t stops me drinking from my own bottle. If it does, I am not going there again.!!!
So, RCBians what do you suggest.....To carry or to not to carry ???? read more
The Green Brigade Came, Saw & Conquered....!!!
While I am writing it, my heart is beating high thinking about the match today. Though I am sure RCB is going to bring the Cup HOME. Each of us RCBian has waited for this moment for long, the wait will finally end today smile.
No matter what the result of the match will be today, RCB Green Brigade Came, Saw and have Conquered a million hearts. I will like to share two real instances that happened with me recently, which will tell you the effect RCB – Green Brigade has left on people’s mind.
I was cycling down the road on Saturday morning wearing RCB Jersey and a group of young kids peddled down along with me, when they were parallel to me they shouted “Go Green RCB......Yeehhhhh.” To be honest, I was a bit surprised, I felt so happy that the message of Going Green is really spreading and RCB has done a great job in making that possible.
The second incident happened when I was travelling in a bus and overheard conversation of two guys sitting in front of me (PS : I don’t take interest in what others talk, I just happened to hear it and it was about RCB so I was even more interested).  These two guys were going to see a match of some other team at Chinnaswamy stadium. 
Writing what I remember, One of them said “Yaar, RCB ke matches sahi hotey hein....you can take a bus pass on discount and you don’t have to worry about getting back home, there is a special arrangement by BMTC at midnight...No other team is doing like that. RCB is just AWESOME.”
Now, do I need to add anything else ???
Commitments to environment conservation and associated aspects have always been a key focus area of RCB, off-ground. Over the last 2 years, RCB has been taking efforts towards awareness generation on environment issues and also enabling fan’s to switch-over to/adopt environment friendly lifestyle practices. 
Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the few sporting teams, which is trying to do its bit for the environment by promoting environment friendly practices, and inspiring individuals through its incredible fan base to do the same.
Thanks a lot to all the RCBians....for being Game for Green !!!
Some of the moments from RCB's Theme of - Low Carbon Commute.
Fans buying Special Bus Pass
royal challengers
royal challengers
Moments from the Cycle Rally 
royal challengers
royal challengers
Going Green is Fun too :)
royal challengers read more
Green Faqs
  • Carbon Neutral –What?
    The atmosphere has a natural supply of greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases capture heat and keep the surface... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – Why?
    Every time we travel, watch television, use computers or even have a cricket match, we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – How?
    Going Carbon neutral might be a big task but small contributions and efforts we RCB fans make can definitely help RCB in its... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – When?
    The Game begins this April!! Watchout the RCB Go Green Page for details
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