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The team's efforts to keep the environment safe.

RCB is Game for Green are you?
Small steps that you can take to help RCB in this Noble Cause!!

Step 1: Champion the RCB Green Initiatives at your locality- Create Awareness about RCB Go Green Initiative and increase the RCB fans count

Step 2: Participate in all RCB Green Initiatives online as well as ask your friends & Family to do the same

Award Showcase
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What better way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti than to Promote Green and raise awareness about the “Low Carbon Commute.”  I guess even Gandhiji must have had idealized of having Cleaner, Greener future. 
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The RCB Green Brigade did it in style. The Greenstars Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Daniel Vettori, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sreenath Aravind and coachie Ray Jennings travelled to Chinnaswamy stadium, for their practice, virtually leaving no carbon footprint behind them. The message was loud and clear for everyone to listen “Cycle to Work like Team RCB Cycles to Practice.” 
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Cycling is indeed a great way of transport, it runs on fat and makes you slim whereas, cars run on fuel and makes you fat. The choice to be made here is not much difficult. 
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Our captain cool, Daniel Vettori very correctly cited the benefits of cycling and said “Cycle your lives to healthier, cleaner and greener future.” Gayle was wearing his lovely smile as always and adding light moment to the occasion he said “Cycle is the only vehicle when you don’t have to worry about Headroom” :)
Albert Einstein thought about the theory of relativity when he was riding his bicycle. But, that’s not the only think that you can do when you cycle. It invariably brings a smile to your face and you feel child like. It was evident players had a great time cycling; Dilshan’s picture depicts just that. 
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Travelling by bicycle is a complete experience, you just don’t enjoy the pictorial view when you travel you also have a satisfaction of arriving at a place, because it’s the direction your mind has chosen and your eyes have seen and have been helped by your muscles to reach there and each bit of your body will tell you that you have traveled and that you have reached your destination.
Team RCB is committed to Green and always does its bit to encourage its fans for taking up Green Initiatives. Lucky fans who had supported the team for the Green cause earlier were awarded cycles by the team. The fans were completely amazed when they got a chance to meet their favorite star. Well, these are the benefits of going Green :).
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So Bangaloreans, lets listen to what our team has to say and do our bit to GO GREEN and maybe you get a chance to meet your favorite star next season.
GO Green……Go Cycling.

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The Green League Begins….!!!
RCB…RCB….RCB the whole M. Chinnaswamy stadium was buzzing with this Magic Mantra last night!!! The complete atmosphere was enthralling and captivating. There could not have been a better launch for the Champions League than witnessing Gayle launching fire from his bat. I really wished if he was at pitch for a bit long. 
The match was intense and gripping, I don’t think the climax of the match could have been more intense, wished only if the match had turned out in our favor. But, all in all we had a good Game of Cricket played in Good Spirits.
The day was not over yet, with the end of the match. RCB had promised “Low Carbon Green Commute” for its fans so that they  reach home safely without getting into the hassles of negotiating traffic or to find a transport close to midnight. And Boiii….The way RCB delivered its promise was a treat to watch. BMTC – Big 10 buses as promised were waiting for the fans to ferry them HOME. 
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I don't think any other team has taken so much of effort for the comfort of its fans and take the Green Leap. What was really good to see was the Army of RCBiaans  supporting their team for the cause and taking the buses. The buses were completely full. They did listened to what their team had to say - "Leave your cars at HOME."
This is definitely start of a new way of watching matches....a new league....we call it THE GREEN LEAGUE !!! :)
Way to Go RCB...Way to Go RCBiiaannsss....!!!! read more
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The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) and Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) have partnered to drive unique initiatives towards enabling greater awareness on the need to use public transport. This is in continuation to the public driven low carbon initiatives taken-up individually by RCB and BMTC; like green initiatives taken by RCB in IPL-4 and Bus Day celebration by BMTC. In this regard, a first of its kind BMTC-CLT20 ticket integration facility has been launched to incentivize CLT20 ticket holders travelling by BMTC buses to watch the RCB matches during CLT20 2011.
BMTC day bus passes will be made available to CLT20 ticket holders at a discounted price of INR 30 instead of INR 45, for all RCB matches happening at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. RCB will bear the cost of the discount offered as a gesture to thank and incentivize RCB fans for using public transport, as part of its green theme for CLT20 2011 – Low Carbon Commute.
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Furthermore,post the match, CLT20 ticket holders can directly hop onto specially arranged BIG 10 buses provided by BMTC, parked at dedicated bus bays outside the stadium and enjoy a hassle free & green commute, home. To attend the match, CLT20 ticket holders are advised to plan ahead and take any of the BIG 10 buses (which run at a frequency of 15 minutes) plying on the road closest to them to reach Chinnaswamy Stadium on time. The discounted BMTC pass is valid across all non - A/C buses for the complete day , hence those staying in areas outside Big 10 routes can hop onto these buses at the connecting junctions, details about which can be found on the BMTC web-site http://www.bmtcinfo.com
CLT20 ticket holders can avail this discounted BMTC day pass at the Chinnaswamy Stadium ticketing counters on producing their valid CLT20 2011 match ticket. Additionally, the discounted pass makes the CLT20 ticket holder automatically eligible for a lucky draw entry, providing an opportunity to win RCB goodies and BMTC monthly Volvo passes.
RCB, DULT and BMTC hope that such initiatives will generate greater awareness & enthusiasm and encourage more citizens to use public transport, thus reducing traffic congestion and pollution in the city. read more
There was a time when you could get a full tank of Petrol in just Rs 1000, now is the time that it doesn’t seems to be shocking if anyone says Petrol will soon become Rs 100 per liter. 
There was a joke recently that the prices of our fuel (read : beer) and car’s fuel has become the same wink
The increasing price of Petrol/Diesel is no joke now and is really becoming alarming , so much so that it is affecting our monthly financials. Maybe we all are not in a position to control and regulate the pricing of the fuel but there definitely is another way that we can adopt  to cut down on our daily or monthly expense on fuel.  The way is to “Carpool.”

Carpooling is a  growing trend in the West, but we are yet to wake up to this concept. A snapshot taken during peak hours from any traffic signal in the city will give you an idea that approximately 50% of the cars have drivers, driving ALONE, and we still crib for increasing fuel prices, traffic congestion, no parking space etc.
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Let’s do our bit by starting to Carpool. There are a couple different ways we can Carpool - for carpoolers to equally share the financial costs of a carpool, Or they can  choose to take turns being the driver. Others way is to have one consistent driver and the other members each pitch in for fuel used. Find out who else in your office/college takes the same route daily and pitch in.
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I am sure with CLT20 on the brim we all are excited and already planning on how to reach the stadium to witness RCB’s win. So, if you don’t have a direct bus connectivity and planning to drive down, please remember to Carpool.
After all its Cool to Carpool smileread more
Green Faqs
  • Carbon Neutral –What?
    The atmosphere has a natural supply of greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases capture heat and keep the surface... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – Why?
    Every time we travel, watch television, use computers or even have a cricket match, we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – How?
    Going Carbon neutral might be a big task but small contributions and efforts we RCB fans make can definitely help RCB in its... read more >
  • Carbon Neutral – When?
    The Game begins this April!! Watchout the RCB Go Green Page for details
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