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Team Name: CanTHee
Team Maker: CanTHeeRava

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Anil Kumble has done it. He has opted out of IPL auctions. "I knew it. I knew it. I told you". I still think I did the right thing by picking him in the first 16. I also think I am the first person to edit the team after his announcement. I have put in Mark Boucher in his place. An old war horse for an old war horse. Yes, I did not have a South African in my last 16. I think Boucher is at the end of his international test career. Hence, would be ideally suited to serve RCB for at least two more years. Good luck to Kumble at KSCA!

CanTHeeRava, 24 Dec

Guess What? No South African in my RCB this time. That is a drastic change. I have a strong feeling that both Kumble and Dravid will opt out of IPL4. However, my team represents what should be an RCB team rather than what it will be. I know that my team is in contention to win something here. Winning is less important sometimes perhaps than making a more important point.