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Team Name: Wizardprince
Team Maker: Praveen K.
The slight drizzle that soaked the cityscape was a little scary. Trudging along the kit wielding warriors of ‘A Block Team’, I prayed in silence that the drizzle may please be postponed till the end of the coveted SF of ‘IPL’ (Indraprastha Premier League, in case you don’t know the full form ) When the heart is kind, God is not blind and he did listen to the prayers. Heavenly sprinklers turned off, cool breeze turned on, it was an ideal weather to enjoy a nice Sunday cricket match. All set to go, stumps rooted in, both teams on the ground, we waited. Suddenly it dawned on me, why were we waiting when all was supposedly set. “The prize money, the winning team is to get Rs 500 and the sponsor has forgotten to carry his purse to the ground. We won’t be taking to the field unless the money is shown.” B Block team captain answered my query. Cricket and its glorious uncertainties, what can you say  Well, the game did start after a delay of 15-20 minutes and team ‘A’ won the toss, deciding to bat (I guess the decision was more based on the probability of the rains looming above and they didn’t want to lose out the chance to hit some balls before scampering for cover if it rained). They batted pretty decently and did manage to reach 55/2 in 4.1 overs when a short ball from a pacer reared up and smacked into the face of the guy batting. He curled over onto the pitch with his hands clasped against his face. We all ran to the rescue of our team-mate. To our relief it was only a minor splitting of the skin near the left eyebrow and nothing to worry about. Yet the guy claimed that the bowler had deliberately hit him and a mini quarrel ensued. In street cricket, the best thing is, that the controversies are as weird as possible and their solutions are equally weird. The bowler was chucked out of the playing eleven and the game resumed. Our team scored a total of 91 in the quota of ten overs. After the lunch break comprising of bottled water and chana kulcha and burgers from a nearby outlet, team B went in to bat. As the fastest bowler of my team, I went to the bowling mark and expected to bowl the opening spell, only to be told that the captain wanted to try out the weaker bowlers first. I grumpily went on to field at my position of mid off . After 68 runs being conceded in the first six overs, finally the ball was handed over to me. In my typical style, I bowled a quick full one sliding into the leg stump with an angle and by the time the batsman could react, there were only two sticks behind him. Everyone erupted with joy and I glared at my captain for making me wait so much and endangering our win. I bowled another delivery outside the off stump which went past the new batsman and suddenly I saw him walking towards the umpire. “He jumps a bit too high while delivering the ball and I am not able to see the ball clearly. It is quite dark and ask him not to jump so high otherwise we will call off the game.” He said to the umpire. Mine as well as our team’s protests were futile and I was told to curtail my run up and my jump if the game had to be finished. Half heartedly, I finished the over somehow and didn’t bowl another one. The situation in the end was such that they needed four runs off three balls with their last batsman in. He sliced the ball very high on the off side and everyone shouted towards me to catch it. I ran frantically trying to get underneath the skier and just as I was about to reach it, I lunged forward only to find uneven ground under my feet and went flying forward, exactly at the time when I grabbed the ball (rather, the ball found my palms), only to crash hard a few feet further. “What a catch! Wow! Superb!” Everyone acclaimed as I grimaced on the ground. “What a superb dive man!” The rival team’s captain patted my back as he congratulated us for such a win. I stumbled back to my feet and while walking back, tried hard to find the exact spot which sent me off balance and made me a hero. The rains, as if they were being coordinated with cinematic precision came down heavily, curtaining the ground and bringing to end a memorable IPL match for me. players selected, *Being RCB’s Chief Blogger is not just about being able to churn out post after post. It is about making an impact with each writeup that one posts. It is about entertaining every reader out there, who looks forward to some special bytes from a coveted angle. This is where a passion for refined writing is as vital as sound cricketing knowledge and the passion to support our team. When one goes out there after winning the Fanatic Fans Challenge and dons the role of the official Blogger, that person is not just expected to write blogs. The Chief Blogger is expected to create scenes, make the readers see visuals, make them feel the atmosphere, through his writeups. His narratives have got to make the reader live the games and the happenings through them. To accomplish this, one has to have good knowledge of the game, its trends and everything else associated with it. One also needs to be, not just good in terms of vocabulary and grammar, but, creativity. It’s not always the stiff upper lip English that is needed to create magic, but, also the street parlance. The ‘Chief Blogger’s passion for RCB should be unbridled and should be felt by others and not just claimed by him. I have been fortunate to be associated to such a great cricket team. My passion for the city’s cricketers turned into an unbreakable bond when a newcomer J. Srinath rattled the timber behind a shrewed and seasoned Javed Miandad with a fierce yorker. That delivery delivered such an impact on a 13 year old school-kid that he remodelled his bowling action to copy India’s best fast bowler. Seasons changed, but, loyalty remained and it was a natural choice to pick RCB when Bangalore got its IPL team. As a Fanatic Fan of the team, I have been actively involved in various initiatives, was a part of the first ever Fan Summit and I just hosted the Delhi fan meetup, details of which would be soon available in ‘RCB Fanzine’ which is yet another of my initiatives for my team and its fan base. Those, who are not yet familiar with my writing, may kindly take a look at the links below to get an idea of my writing style. http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2010/04/a-fanciful-flight.htm (poetry) http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2010/02/return-of-mahabharata-thane-2010.htm (humor) http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2010/01/dream-machines-in-the-neighborhood-ii.htm (photo-blogging) http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/08/is-your-wife-your-personal-property-think-twice.htm (social evils) http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/09/spicing-up-life-my-style-eyc-74.htm (Lifestyle and relationships) http://wizardprince.sulekha.com/blog/post/2007/11/do-you-have-15-spare-minutes-this-diwali.htm (social cause) These are, but, just a few specimens to display my passion for writing and the creativity that I can show as the ‘Chief Blogger’ of RCB. As far as my cricket or RCB related writeups are concerned, you can check them all at royalchallengers.com fan club posts, therefore, I haven’t linked them above. Edits
Team Name: Future IPL Winners
Team Maker: nidhi at rcb
16 players selected, *3 Edits
Team Name: disha-shetty
Team Maker: Disha Shetty
Ball in a different court..a local women's team at work. If you thought cricket only belonged to the man's world, this match proved it all wrong. The game of cricket that unfolded between the two University level womens' teams at MCA, served as a perfect 'edge of the seat' nail biting thriller. Toss ka Boss: The Pune team captain, Apoorva, won the toss and elected to bat first gaining psychological advantage over the home team, Mumbai. Amchi Mulgi-Crowd puller, Prachi: Local favourite and Mumbai captain, Prachi, wasn’t quite deterred over losing the toss and pepped up her team, quickly taking places on the field. Her trusted ‘knights in shining armour’ Hemali and Tanvi , former medium pacer and latter a spinner, provided quick breakthroughs thereby engaging the crowds gathered. Each time a wicket fell, the cheers followed. Key Performers: Najuka (team Pune) and Tanvi (Mumbai) applied themselves excellently on the tricky wicket . Najuka's huge six to midwicket triggered a wild celebration from the crowd. A terrific outing with the ball (22-4-4) and an equally fascinating performance with the bat (45 off just 32 deliveries), Tanvi was the unanimous call for Woman-of the Match. The Wow Moment: Tanvi’s hat-trick after being hit for two consecutive sixes certainly had the Pune team on a sticky wicket and saw a major reshuffle in the batting order of the rivals. The Mumbaikars were grinning ear to ear. ‘Sunny’ call: The crowds were in for a surprise when they saw Sunil Gavaskar walk in, albeit towards the end of game to present the coveted MCA champion trophy to the winning team. Thill-o-Meter: Like I mentioned earlier, this one was an a edge of the seat entertainer, with 11 to win off the last over, chants of ‘Ganapati Bappa Moraya’ erupted all across the stadium, while a few kept it short as ‘May the best woman win’  3 to go off just a delivery, tailender Shewta, a quick recce of pitch later, hit a classic cover drive and sealed it off in style. Whoa…Its Mumbai all the way. The Mumbai Womens team, are now the MCA Womens Champions. Kudos to them. players selected, *A voracious reader and a huge cricket buff, with the two RDs, Readers Digest & Rahul Dravid, being my all time fixation. Been following the nuances of the game for close to 14 years now, irrespective of the format of the game. I'm working on a fansite and a book by Dravid fans (fanograpghy)titled 'BEHIND THE WALL' as a panel member (belonging to the Literature & Grammar group) along with a couple of Dravid fans from all over the world. A regular at FFC's (ah..I end up finishing close evrytime), Mighty14, Fan Summit and meetups, I almost have a 'KINGSIZE' RCB family now, spread across the world (yes..world, not to ignore my SA connect here). Being an official blogger for all the post match IPL 2010 parties & Screenings held in Mumbai,I do have a fair idea of catering to fans' literary taste buds,having been one among them (read fans following the game virtually), constantly on a lookout for 'news', 'updates', and 'trivias' during IPL & CLT20. Also having interacted with players, umpires and BCCI administrators, would definitely provide an edge when it comes to further such interactions. My style of writing is realistic albeit coupled with veiled sarcasm, a perfect blend of ' practical critiquing' and humour, which I believe opens the door to a wider appreciation. P.S. My newly earned title of 'RCB Fan Ambassador' for Mumbai city, shouldn't raise any doubts about my loyalty or proximity towards the club. Game for More...Game for Life! Edits
Team Name: Royalsfanatic
Team Maker: Varinder
I like the original theme song of RCB, “Jeetenge Hum Shaan Se”. Even more I like the present theme, "EVEN MORE...GAME OF LIFE". It reminds me of Winston Churchill who said, "Play the game for more than you can afford to lose...only then will you learn the game". Also he said, " A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." Therefore, I'm the most fanatic RCB fan because I can't change my favourite team, which is Royals Challengers Bangalore. You can better call me 'Royalsfanatic'. Royalsfanatic believes that 'Jeetenge RCB Shaan Se'. And Royalsfanatic likes cricket, Bangalore, Vijay Mallaya, and RC. Being a 'Royalsfanatic', he feels associated to all four. Although he feels associated to all four, there is something more that makes him a "Royalsfanatic" or most fanatic RCB Fan. Being a prospective Chief blogger of RCB, Royalsfanatic feels connected to the team and players even when they aren't playing. His support for the team extends beyond the walls of the stadium. Sitting at his home, he can garner support for his favourite team RCB by blogging about it. What 'Royalsfanatic' can do for the RCB? If I become the chief blogger of the RCB, my first recommendation would be to add a contest on the blog of RCB website. This contest would allow all RCB fans to upload their picture wearing official team merchandise, thus showing off their passion like a real fanatic RCB fan. The best picture chosen by judges will be rewarded with a prize or gift. I would like to cite an example of popular blog here,,,www.wearefanatics.com. players selected, *http://cricketblog.aol.in/ Edits
Team Name: D11
Team Maker: Dheerendra Dwivedi
16 players selected, *3 Edits
Team Name: Bangalore Real Cricketers
Team Maker: Nikhil JP
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Maker: Kowshik
16 players selected, *1 Edits
Team Name: Thunderbirds
Team Maker: Sandeep Kamath
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Team Name: satraj
Team Maker: Bupinder pal Singh
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Team Name: royalworld XI
Team Maker: Ganesh Naik
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: vandyz RCB
Team Maker: Vandip Prajwal
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Team Maker: shan
16 players selected, *1 Edits
Team Name: the kingfishers
Team Maker: mohammed moin a m
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Team Name: DravidRBC
Team Maker: Kumar
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Team Name: ERA
Team Maker: esau rajwadi
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