Anil Kumble is a part of the following Challenging Teams:
Team Name: kartik-kannan
Team Maker: Kartik
I love the Royal Challenger virtues of being game for life, having the spirit and character to take on life's challenges, just like RCB did in the 2nd edition of IPL, by rising like the phoenix and making it to the finals. players selected, * Edits
Team Name: Babal
Team Maker: Manu
I know the meaning of fanatic very well and with my favorite cricketers Dravid Sir and Kumble sir with the person who is an inspiration to me Mr Mallya. And in the very first IPL I was the event manager of Kingfisher in SMS Stadium Jaipur. In the match between RR and RCB when Dravid sir made some 70 odd runs I was the only one in my lobby who was supporting RCB no matter they lost but the inning Dravid sir played made all of them quite. The only team I would like to serve.. players selected, *Victory- We Play For. Edits
Team Name: rob
Team Maker: kapil
because i luv robin uthappa...... evn though i am an north indian .. but stil i follw this team just because i want robin to be bak in indain team as soon as possible ......... and since supporting this team al my frnds started calling me south indain ..........coz i m alwayz against there teamz like delhi,punjabetc... players selected, * Edits
Team Name: shawn
Team Maker: vibhav
first of all Rahul dravid and kevin peterson is from this team and i like Mr. vijay malya's possitive attitude.i like the spirit of this team. players selected, *I play cricket professionally and i have a gud taste of cricket. i also love photography. Edits
Team Name: yogesh-dugar
Team Maker: Yogesh
I followed all the matches closely of RCB and always keep track what went wrong in every match or how can this team improve further...... players selected, *Invincibles Royals!!!! Dont try to be a competitor with RCB, you might end up losing to conqueror!!! Edits
Team Name: manubhai
Team Maker: bharath
Dr. Mallya tops the list here for inspiration....and the proud feeling to have 3 things in common between us: Our passion for RCB, namely; Racing (Formula 1), Cricket, and Beer ! I can’t afford his other passions: planes, horses, cars and Katrina. players selected, *Simply because I have a good deal of understanding of the game of cricket, an understanding of how passionate this game is to the people of India, and an understanding of how my camera works. Along with this I have a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and a dream to combine cricket and photography.....(& Formula 1 too). Edits
Team Name: Thunderbirds
Team Maker: Sandeep Kamath
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: satraj
Team Maker: Bupinder pal Singh
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: royalworld XI
Team Maker: Ganesh Naik
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: vandyz RCB
Team Maker: Vandip Prajwal
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: the kingfishers
Team Maker: mohammed moin a m
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: DravidRBC
Team Maker: Kumar
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: ERA
Team Maker: esau rajwadi
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: Power Punchers
Team Maker:
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: MY RCB
Team Maker: Mohd mukaram
16 players selected, *0 Edits