Cameron White is a part of the following Challenging Teams:
Team Name: kartik-kannan
Team Maker: Kartik
I love the Royal Challenger virtues of being game for life, having the spirit and character to take on life's challenges, just like RCB did in the 2nd edition of IPL, by rising like the phoenix and making it to the finals. players selected, * Edits
Team Name: SivaAN
Team Maker: Siva
I love challenges and I am a Bangalorean. Currently based in Hyderabad. And I am always GAME for MORE!!! players selected, *Apart from having the right equipment, passion, energy and having played cricket at the combined district level I have a flair for photographing the right moments, actions and reflexes, emotions that encompasses CRICKET. Having experience as a wildlife photographer for the last 3 years and photographing under tough conditions and lights, I have won the 3rd prize in KN Memorial all India photography competition (This exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Anil Kumble who is also a wildlife photographer and keen wildlife enthusiast and was honored to meet him during the event). Hence photographing Cricket (one of my passions) shouldn't prove difficult and will also help me gain exposure in sports photography. Edits
Team Name: Numeraz
Team Maker: Rahul
Royal Challengers is the best team. Even thought the start was a little slow, we caught up to the pace. Another big reason is that I am big Fan of Mr. Vijay Mallya, His courtesy and love. My respect for him grew strong with him getting GandhiJi’s Possessions back to India. I am also a big fan of Kingfisher Beer. If a man of this stature chooses the team, it’s the best team there is to be. RC Rocks. players selected, *I have the potential in me to do the job and me being the most fanatic RCB Fan. I would love to cover my team with lively and memorable captures of life and Victory. Edits
Team Name: Quintessence
Team Maker: Chaitanyesh
of the unflinching, unfathomable confidence and belief in my team. RCB rose like the Phoenix in IPL 2 after hitting the nadir in the inaugural edition. What a befitting reply in the second edition! We were dubbed as the “test team” by many, and it is this “test team” that went on to become the No 2 in IPL 2. It is Anil, kallis, Dravid and Boucher, the crème de la crème of world cricket who led the team with vigour and guidance to the youngsters (proud of Manish Pandey, an RCBian who scored the trailblazing century). My name says it all-QUINTESSENCE. We have the most subliminal, talented and efficient players in our team. An expert coach and a shrewd owner are the icing on the cake. No doubt that we will be seen as one of the toughest teams in the Champions League. Hence the ‘fan’aticism. players selected, * Edits
Team Name: Poo
Team Maker: Pooja Teckchandani players selected, * Edits
Team Name: ramesh-menon
Team Maker: Ramesh
I am based in Bangalore and proud to see RCB coming along nicely over the period of time. Like every child has the initial hithces during his first few steps, I am sure, as the time progress, this is a team which is getting stronger and stronger with experience, youth and skills and most importantly a strong managerial support who has a die-hard instinct for winning. According to me, there should be no looking back from now on. players selected, * Edits
Team Name: Veeraj-Shetty
Team Maker: Veeraj players selected, * Edits
Team Name: satraj
Team Maker: Bupinder pal Singh
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Maker: shan
16 players selected, *1 Edits
Team Maker: harshit
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: RCB Mavericks
Team Maker: Chintan Vora
16 players selected, *5 Edits
16 players selected, *2 Edits
Team Name: riders of the strom
Team Maker: eashan sahu
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: Babas 11
Team Maker: vishal shah
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: RCB Dhaasu 11
Team Maker: Virindersingh Villkhoo
16 players selected, *1 Edits