Jacques Kallis is a part of the following Challenging Teams:
Team Name: kartik-kannan
Team Maker: Kartik
I love the Royal Challenger virtues of being game for life, having the spirit and character to take on life's challenges, just like RCB did in the 2nd edition of IPL, by rising like the phoenix and making it to the finals. players selected, *http://myblogoncricket.blogspot.com/ Edits
Team Name: Future IPL Winners
Team Maker: nidhi at rcb
16 players selected, *3 Edits
Team Name: Ragzu
Team Maker: Raghu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4Sy1Sw68RM players selected, * Edits
Team Name: FrontWicket
Team Maker: Raju
There was a 6-6 over match between 2 teams Sec-4 team and Sec-6 Team. It was organized in our local compound. Sec-6 team seemed very confident and was basically the winning horse where you can bet your money on. The players were tall and strong health on the other hand Sec-4 team was full of youngsters. These guys seemed as they had just come from their maths tuitions. Almost all of the team was in chaddi except the captain, if you don't consider a 3/4 th as a Chaddi. Wistle blew and pakya came to bat. Pakya was our sector-6 local murlidharan. he would bowl firki most of the times and he was match-winner and would definitely get the credit of making sec-6 a winning team amongst all the sectors. Vishnu and raghav came to bat, vishnu took the chris and raghav on the runner end. Whistle Blew and Pakya thew his first ball. released smoothly from his hand getting wind on his side as a favour, the first 'tappa' of ball was on off side Vishnu wanted to punish it for a six but to everyone's surprise it spinned its way missing the leg stump by few inches. "kaay kartos Vishnu ?? Dhyaan de.." audience shouted. 5 balls from the spinner were too complicated for batsman to understand which could be seen because not even single ball had been connected. It seems vishnu was getting frustrated last ball of the first over was same as the first delivery. Vishnu waited and waited let the ball bounce, let it spin , let it change direction and bam.. It connected. ground echoed of the shot. Vishnu hit the ball hard. Hard and equally firm.directly it touched the seventh floor of the oppsosite building. Ratan bhai (Empire) had no other option but to raise his both hands giving a six to the young team. Sec-4 team wound up to a total of 25 runs. Sec-6 came to bat and first ball was a six but they also wound up with loss of 1 wicket. End of match Sec-4 won.and was really there players selected, *I write with passion. I have the quality of making people visualize the stadium. you can judge me by my above article Edits
Team Name: D11
Team Maker: Dheerendra Dwivedi
16 players selected, *3 Edits
Team Maker: Kowshik
16 players selected, *1 Edits
Team Name: royalworld XI
Team Maker: Ganesh Naik
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: the kingfishers
Team Maker: mohammed moin a m
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: DravidRBC
Team Maker: Kumar
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Maker: harshit
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: Power Punchers
Team Maker:
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: Jawamaniacs
Team Maker: Jawahar P B
16 players selected, *0 Edits
Team Name: sha
Team Maker: sharath
16 players selected, *0 Edits
16 players selected, *2 Edits
Team Name: Mayank Bangalore RC
Team Maker: Mayank
16 players selected, *1 Edits