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In India people are crazy about two things in the first place...one is Cricket which is like a religion, and then the other is Bollywood. You just can't take these two things out from a common man to which they really relate to. Every time a Cricket match happens everything else comes to a halt., work can be done later, meetings can be arranged later, they just cant survive without it and we never get tired of cricket, thats why we see new things happening in India, thats how IPL was born in the first place, people knew if something like this has to click it has to be in India and nowhere else. And I come from Bangalore and here as kid myself and with other friends started playing cricket, everyone wanted to be the next Rahul dravid, RD is the favorite cricketer who has made it really big in International cricket from Bangalore (Karnataka). Cricket to us means, breaking the window panes, getting scolded like anything by the neighbors and our parents, and everyday a complain to all our places. But the unending enthusiasm which I had for cricket is still intact from the age of 5 when I held a bat in my hand for the first time and it is still there at the age of 27. Not only boys even girls played cricket with us, I don't know why they say only guys play the game, and lately IPL has ensured that it has attracted hordes of female fans for the game. But, the best moment which is still etched in our memories is when India v/s Pakistan match happened in Bangalore the 1996 World cup quarterfinals, we all went to the Chinnaswamy stadium, it had to be the the world's best duel, which happened between Aamir sohail and Venkatesh prasad, hope you all remember that..we still rejoice those Golden moments and celebrate cricket..And cricket indeed has become a part of our life, and its memories which are indeed irreplaceable. And coming to Royal challengers team.....I really like to thank Mr. Vijay Mallya for having this team, I know his first choice was to take the mumbai team, where he bid heavily, but god had some other plans and he was the owner of our RCB team. Bangalore is filled with RCB loyalists and they vouch for their team like anything, people who have come for Stadium in Bangalore to watch the match will know the buzz that will be there during a match, I mean no other stadium in the world will make noise like that, and its a pleasure to watch an RCB home game, the atmosphere in the stadium will be electric you can feel it in the air with the crowds anticipation that something is going to happen, with decibel levels to its peak it gives one the reason to chant RCB, RCB, RCB, people just go crazy when the Emcee starts doing that. And with not so good performance in the 1st IPL everybody ridiculed the team as saying it is a test team and the media made sure that RCB was shown as the weakest team all along, come next season in South Africa, they were the team to beat, the same test playing side was now potential contenders for the crown of IPL, but we finished runners up, we went from the bottom up to the No.2 side in the tournament, And RCB had all the ingredients in the team to make other teams look like a kid who lost his candy, as they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on many occasions in the 2nd edition, come 3rd season another round of impressive performance by becoming the 3rd best side in the tournament and qualifying for the Champions league which is bound to happen very shortly. And the best part of this IPL and Royal challengers team is that the overseas players making these teams and cities as their second home, here I think Ross Taylor is the darling of the Royal challengers team, crowds go crazy when Ross enters to bat chanting his name like anything, he himself admitted that this is the best crowd and Bangalore is his 2nd home on many interviews...So, as an RCB fan eagerly waiting for the Champions league to happen, just waiting to see the Red & Gold on a Cricketing ground which means everything to an RCB fan. This is local cricket match which happened between My team and an another team for which my friend was a captain, and we play tennis ball cricket and not exactly leather ball cricket. And each team gets 6 overs a piece and this was a short pitch tournament, and we can see these kind of tournaments happening all across Bangalore. So, this is a common form of cricket which is famous in Bangalore and other south Indian states. And there is no bowling that one will do here, here the bowler has to throw without lifting their leg while throwing the ball. It's very difficult to score the runs of bowling in a short pitch as timing is everything and if you hit the ball hard the ball crosses over the line then the batsmen is out. The match started with some butterflies in the stomach and we held our nerves and the opposition team made just 34 runs in their quota of 6 overs. And then it was the 2nd innings where we had to chase those 35 runs to win the match and qualify for the next round, as every match here is a knockout match, and there was no place for complacency and I was happy that we didn't allow the other team to score many runs and target was chase-able and our batsmen really good at chasing, so we started really well scoring 10 runs in the 1st over itself, and then a bad 2nd over where we got only 3 runs, and then 3rd over a bad one where 2 wickets fell and only 4 runs getting scored. So, 17 runs in 3 overs and we need to chase still 18 runs required of 18 balls, and now I step in to bat at no.4 and see of couple of deliveries without scoring any run, there is too much of tension in the air, team mates cheering to keep on going and then suddenly back to back boundaries in the 4th over which took to total to 25 runs in 4th over. It was now 10 runs to score in 2 overs. Then to make life difficult for us, their best bowler steps in to bowl the last but one over and he bowled beautifully changing the length of the delivery each time and we couldn't get our shots at all and the batsmen at the other end was totally foxed by his bowling and we just got one extra run with a wide coming in and nothing much....So it all came down to the last over and we had to score 9 runs in the final over and seal the victory. So, the final over began, first ball I hit a boundary on the leg side and I could see my team mates clapping all the way, and then again two dot balls and once again a tense situation...then in the 4th ball I got a single and it was 2 balls and 4 runs to score and the batsmen at the other end hit a straight drive but a brilliant save from the bowler denied the boundary and we just scampered through for a single and then it was me who had to score the winning runs, final delivery of the match and 3 runs to get, only a boundary ensured that we can win, he bowled a rising delivery from the good length spot, and I was just able to push it behind the keeper near the slip region and we ran through for a single which was not there in the first place, but for our luck the keeper made all the mess of the return throw and there was an over throw and we ran again for another single and the match was tied, and the feeling was ecstatic just because we saved the match from a virtual defeat scenario, I mean how many times we get see a tied game, very few right. But, for our surprises even here they had introduced a super over, so much for T20 craze in India. So, they wanted to see who will win this and goes to the next round. But we were not that lucky in the super over as our team just scored only 2 runs in an over as we lost both the wickets in quick succession, as you remember only 3 batsmen are allowed to play in a super over. What followed was a defeat which was hard to digest after so much drama, but thats how cricket goes....and its a Gentleman's game and in the end we did not forget to congratulate the winning team and went back feeling "we were that close." players selected, *I can be RCB's chief blogger because, I have just written blogs only on RCB website and I can go that extra yard and make sure that I get the information which I really need to put in front of the RCB fans that they really want to read in a blog, its just not plain blog that I will be writing, there will be each and every aspect of the game that will be covered with my blogs I will make sure that the gap between a player and a fan is reduced to nil, as they'll know them in and out with my blogs and will feel much more closer to the team and the players and the whole RCB loyalty thing which will follow if there is no gap between the team and the fans. Also my writing is plain simple which makes all the more easy for the fans and others to relate to it, and with really good cricketing knowledge I can make sure the quality is maintained in RCB blogs all the time. I really think people lately just go for the packaging and doesn't give importance to the content, What I meant to say was if a product is being marketed, people just go for the packaging and presentation stuff, I will make sure that not only packaging but also the content inside a blog is also of top quality and nothing less than that. I really want to be the chief blogger for RCB and it is a dream for me to associate with RCB in future, and few people also know it and make fun of me at times, but being in the same field where I work as a Asst. manager marketing for a social networking site I have gained enough knowledge on content development, community management, user engagement, running campaigns for the site and a whole lot of other things, with so much knowledge in terms of developing content and engaging users around it in a social network has helped me a lot in the past 2 years and have a good idea in terms of what people really like to read online and in the blog space. Edits
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