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A long and overdue catchup

23 Mar

So, since the game on last week Thursday, The White Mischief Gals flew to Hyderabad, we have done some serious partying and feeling a little wrecked i must say! We also went sight seeing, saw the Buddah in the Lake, went to a temple and of course we went shopping!!

WE partied all weekend and had an early flight back to Bangalore, we had to pack and had a few hours sleep so you can imagine that we were feeling kinda tired, well wrecked to be honest.

Back in Bangalore, while some of the girls went shopping, i stayed in, cought up on some sleep and trying to get batter as i got ill while in Hyderabad.  Been to gym, trained and now to start our day! Think we are taking it easy, walking through the streets again and going to ly by the pool and tan… WHat a life! Haha

We will definately see you at the game tomorrow night and man i can tell you the White Mischief Gals are excited!!!

Sing with me now… RCB, RCB, RCB!!!

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Yes, Condi which RCB player u like most.

Posted by MESSIAH on 04/10  at  10:22 PM

Great Job…....................................

Posted by chandumanandi on 04/15  at  10:02 AM

@wizardprince: Thank you for chatting with us, catch us next week too… Yeah it was a little crowded and difficult to reply to all te messages, but we tried. You love my hair? Thank you, smile.

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/25  at  11:39 PM

Hi Candi,

I am sure RCB will win and you gals will keep cheering the team and the fans alike. The chat earlier today was awesome, though, too crowded to get any real conversation going. Love your hair.

Posted by Wizardprince on 03/25  at  10:59 AM

Thank you Rossisboss, we hope to cheer the boys all the way to the final and to victory! smile
@ RCBatheart, many players have unique skills and each one is a great player!

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/24  at  11:57 PM

Great job girls, you all cheerleaders are becoming an integral part of RCB….and we in crowd really enjoy your performances….the energy & spirit is there to see. Hope to see you all in the rest of the matches and RCB reach its glory…......RCB RCB RCB!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rossisboss on 03/24  at  08:57 PM

cool thanks for being energy behind our RCB boys ... which RCB player you like most

Posted by rcbatheart on 03/24  at  08:28 AM
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