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A quick breather

07 Apr

Since we've left bangalore, we've been touring the country and cheering for RCB and White Mischief.

Our schedule has been super hectic so i apologise for not keeping up to date with our daily blogs, we've been flying early morning, cheering at night and sleeping during the day with some site seeing too. I mean, whats the point if we cant see the country too! I must say, we have been to amazing places in these past 10 days, Lucknow, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Nagpur tomorrow... Each city is different and beautiful, never seen such architecture before.

Besides seeing what India has to offer we've been visiting spots, cheering there and dancing and doing what we do best. The atmosphere is amazing and when we enter we has such a great response from the crowds, its like nothing iv experienced before!

Then there's the shopping, that has been a whole new experience for us, the stuff we have found, if only i didn't have a limit to the weight my luggage must be to get back to South Africa, i would be going absolutely insane. smile Although some of the girls have, haha.

So we are off the Nagpur tomorrow then Pune, cant wait to see what is in store for us there!

Catch up soon and look out for those pictures i promised!


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wait for those picture

Posted by bappaditya on 01/09  at  07:43 PM

its gud to knw tat u njoy INDIA…..

Posted by vineeth-shetty on 04/17  at  03:09 AM

i wanna meet them plzzzzzzzzz

Posted by souraditya on 04/15  at  11:05 PM

How would you like to spend your leisurely time in India?

Posted by MESSIAH on 04/10  at  10:24 PM

cheers agan..v won..and candi bst of luck 4 ya victoria’s secret..ur company s awesme..

Posted by tonsome on 04/17  at  04:37 AM

Thanks guys, i really appreciate it! Back in Bangalore now for the game tomorrow which will be AWESOME!! Cheering at home matched are amazing as the crowd is for us, with us and its just spectacular! smile

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 04/17  at  04:26 AM

Hey Candi, I must say that you look gorgeous….

Posted by Saa on 04/15  at  06:15 AM

well,lemme 1st tl ur beautiful..n v ve common in us tat is RCB..bt 1 thng diff tats ur chering in ground n m at hme..lol..it bn gr8 2 c u guys in grnd..kp it up n cheers til final..

Posted by tonsome on 04/15  at  05:48 AM

hi girls your reallly entertaining us with ur beauitiful.
i would say you girls are sexiest among other .

Posted by Harshavardhan-Padaki on 04/14  at  06:19 AM

Hey thats gr8 that yo are enjoying your stay in India… I hope you enjoy all the time, because thats what we Indians want.. We always want that our guests enjoy the most… Hope to see you at Bangalore stadium on 17th…:-) Keep blogging…

Posted by Saa on 04/08  at  01:58 AM
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