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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!

Airport mischief

09 Apr
Here it is! My first post! We landed in Bengaluru on the evening of the 4th and as soon as we stepped off the plane we were amazed and dazzled. From the very smart-looking airport to all the beautiful plants and trees just outside. The people of Bengaluru are so friendly!!!

royal challengers

As soon as we got out of the airport there were people of the press waiting for us and we felt like such stars! They clicked a lot of pictures and we answered a lot of their questions.

royal challengers

Then came some mischief time! Few of the girls thought it would be a good idea to get a wee lil bit flirty and they winked at a couple of cute looking Bengaluru boys! Those boys went red in the face with embarrassment and shyly waved back. That was it! Everyone broke out into bursts of laughter and there was just no stopping us.

We just kept winking at everyone and even at each other and laughed all the way to our hotel. Being mischievous is a lot of hard work wink and what we needed now after that long flight and naughtiness was a good meal and a good night’s sleep. Cant wait for the IPL to begin! I am really looking forward to cheering for the boys on the field. And some of them are really cute I hear (hehe!)

Spicy South Indian food was on the menu and we enjoyed it with relish! Indian food is also full of mischief with so many different tastes and smells to tingle the senses. Then came beddy bye time and more mischief for another day!!

royal challengers

That’s it for now. Be sure to come back for more from us and we will have more stories of mischief to tell you! Until then, Ciao!

Yours ever so flirtingly,
Mischief Gal
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want to see yall sometime!!!

Posted by Nitant on 07/05  at  07:14 PM

who is d lucky boy in front of u..///

Posted by rcb7 on 05/03  at  12:51 AM

ohh la la le ooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Posted by celina-mittal on 05/03  at  12:11 AM


Posted by vedm on 04/27  at  03:06 AM

i love white mischief galssssssss….

Posted by bleedforrcb on 04/27  at  01:06 AM

Mischef gals r mishef.they make real noise in the stadium.& our team has 2 make sound in the stadium .2 make we have 2 score runs..

Posted by SBNK on 04/22  at  07:52 PM

mischief gals smile

Posted by arunrc on 04/16  at  08:58 PM

really white mischeaf

Posted by HarshBuddy on 04/14  at  02:14 AM

old jersey was betta.. coz of mischief blue the light gold looks dull :9

Posted by Roydon-Souza on 04/13  at  10:44 AM


Posted by darsh-ydhya on 04/13  at  10:22 AM

cheerleaders enjoy tour to india

Posted by kushal09 on 04/13  at  09:56 AM


Posted by abhijeet-mirajkar on 04/13  at  03:49 AM


Posted by abhijeet-mirajkar on 04/13  at  03:49 AM


Posted by abhijeet-mirajkar on 04/13  at  03:48 AM


Posted by abhijeet-mirajkar on 04/13  at  03:48 AM

hmmm hot

Posted by abhijeet-mirajkar on 04/13  at  03:45 AM

to sexy looking girl

Posted by dhirendra022 on 04/13  at  03:24 AM


Posted by Sanyo on 04/13  at  12:46 AM

u all r going through ” MISCHEIF” Gals,,
Looking preety,, Sexy,, & Charming…
We all RCB Fans Welcome u here in Banglore,,
Hope we meet soon,, if Luck makes us meet u r me..?

Posted by Cheers4bangalore on 04/12  at  06:19 AM


Posted by parappanangadi-cricketclub on 04/12  at  03:35 AM

hahah must have been funny checking the reaction of those guys when you winked at them! unless of course you just made up the winking part to sound mischievous :D

Posted by mtanwani on 04/12  at  02:10 AM

Hey you Mischievious beauties are our lucky mascot this season, we have already started this season with a winning note and hope your charm lives through the tournament and we would be crowned champions this time.

Posted by Royalblazer on 04/12  at  02:08 AM

Yo Mischievious beauties, you have been our lucky charm this season, hope you charm your way along and RCB wins IPL this time, happy Cheering…......smile

Posted by Royalblazer on 04/12  at  02:00 AM

yeah..i’l b der ....cheers galzzz….letz meet

Posted by jaltEamYo on 04/11  at  09:55 PM

Mischief gals” the Hottest Cheer Leadin Squad of any IPL Team

Posted by shinku01 on 04/11  at  07:20 PM


Posted by shinku01 on 04/11  at  07:19 PM


Posted by shinku01 on 04/11  at  07:17 PM

Hope you mischievous galz wont flirt with Virat.. He needs to concentrate on his Cricket.. He he.. [:)].. You galz can flirt with RCB fans though.. They are the best in the World… Cheer our guys.. Go RCB…

Posted by Sannu68Calvin on 04/11  at  06:11 PM

wink welcome back…hope this ipl session will also be the mischievous one…lolz

Posted by Ganapathy-Krishnan on 04/10  at  10:57 PM

u really made the day for those lucky ones

Posted by MESSIAH on 04/10  at  10:20 PM

“Mischief gals” the Hottest Cheer Leadin Squad of any IPL Team…

Posted by mohan-damodaran on 04/10  at  07:32 PM

Hmmmm….and wat’s your openion about Bangalore Boys…??????????

Posted by anees-urrahman on 04/10  at  05:33 PM

whoo yu r really mischief wink

Posted by aaron-d'souza on 04/10  at  10:50 AM
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