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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!

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hi…great pics dude…superb…

Posted by royalabhi1 on 04/11  at  09:36 PM

@candi !!!!! hey sahas here f u remember !!!!! lol nis picks smile bt cant recognis who r u:p

Posted by royalchalleng on 04/02  at  07:42 PM

@rossisboss: Thank you, hope you having fun with us in the crowd and keeping the crowd alive during the matches! smile
@Gaurav: Thank you for the compliment… Most beautiful girl in the room?

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/30  at  04:33 AM

Fingers crossed! Got nominated among the top 6 for the Mischief Gals contest. Love the work you girls are doing to Bangalore…

PS: How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the room? smile

Posted by Gaurav-Ram on 03/24  at  06:16 AM

nice pics candice…....looks great and you are there with our own filmstar from Bangalore Puneet,,,,,,and you look great and surely you are on the right way to become the Next victoria’s secret model…saw you all perform and its for sure that from all the cheerleaders group White mischief is the best…....I mean the routines and the steps nobody can match you people…......Thanks for you all entertaining the crowd like never before smile

Posted by Rossisboss on 03/23  at  12:09 AM

Hmm.. Nice WhiteMischief Chat wink

Posted by Rishabh-Rajput on 03/22  at  05:57 AM

We sure will, the croud will be cheering RCB RCB RCB…  Yes we are heading to Mumbai this weekend! See you at the game?

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/19  at  02:43 AM

Hi Mahesh. I am on the right in the last picture, unfortunately i am looking down. Hope this helps! Catch you at the game tonight… smile

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/19  at  02:04 AM
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