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Late Night Mischief

29 Apr
Today was the limit! The girls were up to some big mischief and everybody knew that something was gonna go down. Nobody knew just when though. Just before the match I was told that we’re meeting up in one of the cricketer’s rooms after the match and that’s where it was planned to happen.

The match happened and when the players were in the locker rooms we snuck out and to his room. The first thing we did was move his furniture around a bit. Then we unscrewed all the light bulbs a bit so they wouldn’t turn on. Then we went to the party. After all the dancing and posing for pics and anticipation of seeing what happens after the party finally ended. Of course we had a good time!

We left and raced ahead of the others to his room, helped ourselves in and hid in the darkness. He came in, tried to turn on the lights, when it didn’t work he tried to feel his way around the room and stubbed his toe! Right then we all jumped out of the darkness and gave him quite a scare! He didn’t know whether to be scared or in pain. But then we turned nice. Enough torture for the poor chap. We screwed the light bulbs back on, got him some ice for his toe and each of us hugged him back to normal.

Then we all started laughing and he wouldn’t stop either. All good natured mischief of course

More for later…

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cheerfull mooment

Posted by bappaditya on 11/27  at  12:03 PM


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Cheers Girlssssss

Posted by RCBROHAN on 05/26  at  06:21 AM

itz truely crisp and sexy…

Posted by joy01 on 05/21  at  03:36 AM


Posted by moumita on 05/18  at  03:19 AM

its really sexy mischief

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Posted by aashish-goswami on 05/04  at  09:05 AM

Really? You guys are so lame.

Posted by vjain on 05/01  at  01:02 AM
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