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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!

Mischief on the couch

31 May
This one was a grand one for the fans! The guys at white mischief flew in a bunch of the fans from around the country. A couple of couches were set up in the stadium, and of course there was us!!

And what a thrill it was. For us just as much as the fans! Never have we done something like this so we were really looking forward to it. Quite the experience it was; for us and those lucky LUCKY men! *giggle*

To begin with, we escorted all of the lucky dudes from their hotel to the stadium and did a singsong session on the bus!

Mischief on the Couch
And boy, were they sweet. Not one of them made a pass at us or made a snide comment.

And there were a bunch of White Mischief throw pillows which ended up being our weapons for a wee lil bit of a pillow fight right there in the stadium! We realised one thing. Boys really like watching a good pillow fight! We had all eyes on us even while the match was still being played.
royal challengers

But it was getting too dry for everyone’s taste so we decided to make it just a wee bit spicy. So we started teasing the other fans. Every once in a while we’d stand up and face the crowds and pose n wave and even danced with the winners in the stands! That really made the others jealous. And when our team scored or took a wicket it just got intensified!
royal challengers

But then it just meant more people would follow “Mischief” from now on. So we just kept at it. Then things changed. Looking at all the mischief in our stand, the people in the stands around started cheering ‘White Mischief Gals! White mischief gals!’ So we did a little impromptu jig for them too! And what a response! All of our section of our stadium erupted into cheers and it was for us! All in all though even after all the teasing and cajoling the men in the stadium were true gentlemen. Not one of them got angry or even made like they were. They turned red every time we (the girls of course) blew kisses at them but it was all good fun n mischief after all
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these girls <3

Posted by mmehta96 on 04/21  at  04:53 PM

i love mischieves ...

Posted by samarth-r-savanur on 04/21  at  12:52 PM

lucky peoples

Posted by CHOTUYA on 01/23  at  11:49 AM

which auditorium

Posted by bappaditya on 12/29  at  05:24 PM

This one was a grand one for the fans! The guys at white mischief flew in a bunch of the fans from around the country. A couple of couches were set up in the stadium, and of course there was us!!

Posted by vgsharaschnadra on 12/29  at  07:12 AM

lucky audience

Posted by bappaditya on 11/18  at  09:24 PM

lucky ppl wink

Posted by uJrcb on 11/12  at  05:01 PM

gayle wont give rest to these people…

Posted by chetan-prasad on 11/07  at  07:41 PM

i want to be there

Posted by natliegleb on 10/13  at  08:59 PM

This time we want IPL Troph

Posted by dravidcraze on 04/07  at  09:16 AM

This time we want IPL Trophy plz get me virat do or die plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by shivu-s on 03/29  at  03:04 AM

gud 1…hooooooooo

Posted by ashutosh-mohan-ghorpade on 03/25  at  01:39 AM

Write a Comment….

Posted by madhuri-vaidya on 03/24  at  01:33 AM


Posted by rajupriya on 03/13  at  02:22 AM

yu all rock:P

Posted by redrohit on 10/26  at  10:01 PM


Posted by lakshmi-narayana1 on 10/11  at  08:32 AM


Posted by lakshmi-narayana1 on 10/11  at  08:32 AM

nice to a shot or wicket with girls….....

Posted by gopalkyashwar on 09/27  at  01:21 AM

nice to a shot or wicket with girls

Posted by candy3252 on 09/26  at  09:16 AM


Posted by madhuri-vaidya on 08/31  at  12:02 AM

cant wait to see cheer gals in clt20

Posted by vinayak-b on 08/29  at  10:27 PM

wow… heart breaking

Posted by kingkirann on 08/26  at  09:17 PM


Posted by 989874 on 08/21  at  06:32 PM

Girls no mail from u what r u doing..Wait We will b there in OCT 2011 CL -T-20..Meet u there

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/28  at  01:36 AM

White Mischief Gals we all r wating for u in OCT 2011 CL T-20

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/19  at  02:54 AM

c u at CLT20

Posted by krishnasa1 on 07/12  at  02:55 AM

we can c u back next time @ CLT20..!!

Posted by abhi-n on 07/10  at  07:44 PM

RCB fans respects the Cheers girls were they respect s Our culture…RCB fans enjoys the cute cheers girls in RCB

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/09  at  08:13 PM

we had nothing to do,let it happen cheer to enjoy off Cheerleaders,,IN The people’s Team RCB….....it’s cute cheers r only in RCB..

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/05  at  01:15 AM

cheer girls entrains every 1 for team .irrespect of match win/loss.they entrain every 1 in ground.they are very good…..

Posted by SBNK on 06/08  at  02:45 AM
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