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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!

Naughty After-party ;-)

14 Apr
Our first match! Kochi was sooo hot and humid! Excited, nervous and ready to go – what a bundle of nerves we are!!!
The moment we stepped out into the field we were greeted with whistles and shouts from the fans!

It was fun watching our guys play and it was fun cheering them and the fans too. What was more fun however, was watching that cute one with all the tattoos on him! Our team won too!!

After the match, it was time for the after-party!! We girls put up a performance for our guys and all they did was stare
royal challengers

The cute tattooed boy came up to us and asked for a dance. I looked at the girls and winked, this could lead to some good mischief, who knows!! One by one, we started dancing with him – every time he sat down, one of us would get him right back up. Surprise surprise, Tatto boy is a dancer!! What a turn on!

Cute boys, cool music and starry eyed fans. So far so good! It’s been a long day.

Later alligator!
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but it should not exceed the limit

Posted by bappaditya on 01/03  at  08:44 PM


volume kam kar , papa jage jayega,

Posted by moona on 05/17  at  10:37 PM

i think dat tattoo boy is kohli smile B)....

Posted by parvati on 05/16  at  02:30 AM

RCB will Rock In This Tournament and These Girls Are Supporting Us So Much…...........

Posted by adkittu on 05/06  at  10:37 AM

they realy enjoy match.very nice

Posted by SBNK on 04/27  at  07:44 PM

very very nice

Posted by mahesh-basavaraju on 04/27  at  05:08 AM

cheer of rcb grils

Posted by mahesh-basavaraju on 04/27  at  05:07 AM

Mischief gals are the best cheerleaders in the IPL…....

Posted by Herle on 04/24  at  02:55 AM

RCB will come strong & Bounce back with abang….....RCB..RCb….........

Posted by SBNK on 04/21  at  08:51 PM

Rocking & enjoy party.its party time….....

Posted by SBNK on 04/21  at  08:49 PM

rock ond d Party Stage…........

Posted by phanich on 04/19  at  10:10 AM

was the tattoo boy kohli? wink

Posted by mtanwani on 04/18  at  11:44 PM

No after Parties after losing matches..?

Posted by czech on 04/17  at  11:43 PM

ready ah ?

Posted by arunrc on 04/16  at  08:53 PM

RCB Comeback with very strong

Posted by Bosrasheed on 04/16  at  12:49 AM

now we are very bad time 2 match failed
what happen for RCB

Posted by Bosrasheed on 04/16  at  12:48 AM

redy to all….........

Posted by GAJNER on 04/15  at  06:57 AM
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