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16 Apr

royal challengers

When we left Bangalore, we headed for Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Raipur, Pune, Indore and a few other cities and wow... All the cities are so different, I must be honest, i had no idea India was so big and so different in each city! WOW

We travelling and cheered hard, travelled everyday and cheered every night and im proud to say that we picked up a few more RCB fans along the way! smile  We even had our live chat in the internet cafe because we wanted to experience it! It was hot but so cool.

On the way to the different places we sang in the bus, screamed and cheered, just for ourselves, thats how we get ready for a night of cheering! Listen to music on the bus, scream shout and go mad! Our manager loves it but i feel bad because we get a bit load at times! Haha

So at the game on Saturday we will be sitting with Ramya and the winners from the contest, good luck guys and see you then! smile

For now we are recuperating because we are going to need our energy for the game tomorrow, cheer RCB all the way to the semi finals and finals! 

About me personally now, back in South Africa i entered this competition, its pretty big, if i win it ill be named the next sports illustrated swimsuit model in South Africa so its HUGE!!!  Please click on the link and vote for me, would love to see my votes rise and take me to the top like the RCB team!  http://www.sinewmodelsearch.co.za/model/?model_id=1343

Thanks guys!  Now off to get ready for a night of cheering for RCB!!!


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journey will comfort

Posted by bappaditya on 01/09  at  07:39 PM

hey galz enjoing india??

Posted by joy01 on 05/21  at  03:43 AM

you should have called us right smile

Posted by arunrc on 04/16  at  09:09 AM

hai vor 4 u

Posted by Bosrasheed on 04/16  at  12:29 AM

Hey Candice, hope you have enjoyed the diversity of India , hope to see you again in IPL4

Posted by Royalblazer on 04/12  at  02:17 AM

cheerz galz…u r best for al….

Posted by jaltEamYo on 04/11  at  09:59 PM


Posted by shinku01 on 04/11  at  07:15 PM

India is full of diversity.

Posted by MESSIAH on 04/10  at  10:25 PM

hai candice, I voted u, comeback next IPL4 also

Posted by ashokjim on 04/25  at  09:13 AM

i voted for u…...u seem really hot in that pic….way ta go gal…..i’ve even asked ma friends ta vote…...

Posted by steveee on 04/21  at  10:58 PM

voted candi..u r really hot!!!!

Posted by ragsilu on 04/21  at  09:01 AM

Hey Candi, So u been having lots of fun it seems. And now u hv seen more places thn I hv..lol. Hope u r loving India and will keep coming back.

Posted by coolsid007 on 04/21  at  02:17 AM

How can anyone not vote for u!!!! u r so hot n hope to see u cheer for rcb even in the next season..

Posted by vinay9 on 04/20  at  03:40 AM

Hey Candi, I have voted for you… Wish you good luck… And dont forget to come back to India as much as possible… We would love to see you at Bangalore always….lolz….

I will vote for you daily… wink

Posted by Saa on 04/20  at  02:28 AM

Thank you all soooo much, really appreciate it!! smile
Nityanand, i personally love bangalore and so do the other girls, Its been our home throughout the tournament! smile
Thank you Tarun, you are awesome!! Gaurav, nah that is not necessary, but keep voting for me!! smile

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 04/18  at  07:11 PM

If possible provide links of the other top model who is giving u competation, We will vote against them…hehe wink

Posted by Gaurav on 04/18  at  12:00 PM

Hey…Candice i did vote for u and also against some other models, just for fun smile...Keep Cheering RCB…

Posted by Gaurav on 04/18  at  11:57 AM

By the way .which of the place u liked the most in India??

Posted by Nityanand-Singh on 04/18  at  01:39 AM

hi!! good 2 hear that u are loviing India…,,have voted 4 u too…hehe..wish u GOOD LUCK ...

Posted by Nityanand-Singh on 04/18  at  01:38 AM

hi candi….m a huge rcb fan…..u wont believe that i have some banners printed VOTE FOR CANDICE in my hostel…ha
ur email id?? nyways gud luck…tc

Posted by Tarun-Garg on 04/17  at  10:19 PM

Hey Mahesh, i dont know, but India is huge, amazing and WOW! Had no idea…  Get on that plane and start seeing your country, its beautiful. Thank, you can vote as many times as you like all day, no limit! Get everyone you know to vote. And im coming back, promise! Think ill be back in SA for a month then heading back to India! Can we say whoop whoop!

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 04/17  at  11:01 AM
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