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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!


Album: White Mischief Girls-IPL 7, ( 28 photos)

White Mischief Girls 14
29 Apr
Today was the limit! The girls were up to some big mischief and everybody knew that something was gonna go down. Nobody knew just when though. Just before the match I was told that we’re meeting up in one of the cricketer’s rooms after the match and that’s where it was planned to happen.
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29 Apr
Danced for the crowds, cheered the team on, danced at the after party, blah blah blah!

You’ve read about all that before. But I’m gonna tell you something you’ve not read about!! It was nearly the end of the party and some of the ‘players’ wanted to party some more. So we snuck out and took some of the cute ones with us and she came too! She even knew all the hotspots in the area!! read more ...
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