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Painting the town red!

25 Mar

To say that we had a good evening is an understatement...  The lucky winner from the 'give us your best pick up line' competition joined the White Mischief Gals for dinner then joined us while we cheered for our Awesome team, RCB!! We hit 3 bars, Extreme Sports Bar, Fireflies and Zero G, all three were awesome and man the people loved us and we loved them!

Vinay, the lucky winner was great company and im sure he had an awesome night with us as we did with him! The Mischief Gals showed him how to party, be mischievious and he was really cool. At the end of it all we said our farewells, but im sure we will see Vinay again.  smile

While i have the opportunity, and im sure i speak for the rest of White Mischief Gals too, this goes out to our manager Bopanna, thank you so much for being so awesome, amazing and so caring! We love you lots and lots and you are the best manager ever, you rock BOB, thank you!!! 

Watch for pics, will be uploading very soon, i promise!

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hey candice sumit here do u remember me ?  mail me if u can i have good buissness opurtunity for u so pls take it seriously my mail id is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by shiv286 on 04/22  at  02:09 AM

hey candi sahas rai f u remember me !!!

Posted by royalchalleng on 04/02  at  03:03 AM

u r the best cheerleader in ipl

Posted by coolsid007 on 04/01  at  03:10 AM

@VASUKI: buddy.. I hav no complains dont think so I could hav so much fun anywhere else smile

Posted by VINSUR on 03/31  at  08:33 AM

@ Vinay: Where on earth can u feel such an awesome company in somuch electrfying environment other than this.
@ Candi: What the slogan Vinay chanted at? How r u liking Bangalore. If u wanna compare Bangalore with any South African City, which one that would be????

Posted by VASUKI on 03/31  at  08:13 AM

I just happend to read this blog.. Thanks Candice.. I sure had an AWESOME time.. Thank you ladies for making me feel so comfortable and the songs you gals sang for me was awesome wink
It sure is not goodbyes as of now.. wil surely meet u gals soon.. The best part of u gals being from SA is tat u understand cricket unlike Washington Redskin gals..
Say my big “Hellooooooooo” to De, Le, Ai, Ro & La (sounds like music to my ears)

Posted by VINSUR on 03/31  at  02:42 AM

party with the michief girls…man would agree that the guy vinay is fortunate.  all over the internet, companies are doling out gifts for users. like this FB page by ESPN where you can get ESPN merchandise by playing a T20 game and giving answers. Here’s the link if you too would want to try your luck: http://facebook.com/road2aclt20

Posted by Sreejith-Iyer on 03/31  at  01:13 AM

Hey that’s cool with Vinay real fortunate one to have chill out with you gals. Cools apart, I think RCB for me means a twist manner - CHALLNGING WORLD ON ROYAL NOTE FROM BANGALORE. Did it sound good. Then cheer up guys its RCB all the way to Final DLF 2010.

Posted by VASUKI on 03/30  at  10:45 AM

Yeah I think it was a good decision by the RCB people to bring you all from South africa, even the team boasts many South african cricketers where they are doing great job entertaining fans on the field and you people entertaining off the field smile an excellent combination, hope you are really comfortable in Bangalore, by now it should be like your second home here I guess smile

Posted by Rossisboss on 03/30  at  05:28 AM

@ bangaluru: I do know about cricket yes, iv been following the sport since i was a little girl… My borthers and i used to play cricket in the back yard and hit the ball through windows, lol.
@ Rossisboss: Maybe you’ll win the next one!? Keep hope and dont give up… smile And thank you for being a fan…  We were chosen this year, not at last years IPL, think the organisers liked the South African girls tho! smile

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/30  at  04:25 AM

Great party smile saw those pics on Facebook & also felt a bit jealous abt Vinay getting the chance and not me….....So even I have participated in the flirting contest lets see whether I’ll get lucky or not….But I have become fan of these cheerleaders group especially candice being my favourite here smile

@bangaluru123   They are not with washington redskins….this time they are from South africa if I am not wrong where they all got selected during the last edition of IPL. Please correct me if I am wrong here candice….....

Posted by Rossisboss on 03/27  at  02:34 AM

How lucky the guy must be .. partying with mischief girls..
I got a question for you .. did you know about cricket before coming to India this time? Are you the same group that dances for Washington Redskins?

Posted by bangaluru123 on 03/26  at  10:06 PM
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