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Party Rockin at Radio One!

27 May

Now then, we were guests at Radio One..yipee! One song led to another and before he knew it, the DJ was our personal Jock!

Just then, he started playing our favourite Bollywood song “Sheila ki Jawani”. We couldn’t resist and some of us started singing the song as it was being played. The other girls, well, were naughtier they started dancing right there in the studio itself. The DJ was swept off the floor to see us lovely girls sing the song so well, in our own accent of course!
The cutie then requested us to repeat the sizzling performance in front of his colleagues. How could we have refused! But considering the mischievous bunch we are, we placed a condition – first sweets, then dance
royal challengers
And Indian sweets are so mouthwatering we forgot all about watching our weight and gorged on those delicious little pieces of heaven..hmmm..aaah! and then it was time to shed off those extra calories right there! We did what we do best! Put on a little performance and got everyone grooving too! The audiences were in awe of us when the station head comes by..oops..and to our wonderful surprise, shakes a leg too..and then everyone joined in!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day it was and what a party it was! For a change, at Radio One! We aren’t going to forget it in a hurry!

More from us soon. Ciao!!

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hahaha .. lovely

Posted by samarth-r-savanur on 04/21  at  01:20 PM

rocking mischief

Posted by bappaditya on 11/19  at  10:35 AM


Posted by uJrcb on 11/13  at  07:00 PM

100 % my support to cheers leaders

Posted by vinodsexy on 09/27  at  09:41 PM

come on cheer girls we need ur support

Posted by Raja123 on 09/25  at  11:30 PM

I have Tried to take snap’s with Cheers Girls in 2011 I have missed,This OCT 2011 CL T-20 i will take Snap’s with u Cheers… r u ready

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/29  at  09:58 PM

Every indian knows that cheers girls will not matchs ,But RCB fans will Matchs perfectly with Cheers girls..Let begain the party…In OCT2011 CL T-20…......RCB R readyyyyyyyyy

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/18  at  04:57 AM

I was listening live the day this event of mischief event took place on the radio!!!

Posted by Nitant on 07/05  at  06:51 PM
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