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RCB Cheer gals hit the town

18 Mar

So, this morning the Mischief Gals decided to hit the markets of Bangalore, we ended up in Commercial Stree and all i can say is WOW!  There is so much to see, we were there for a few hours and we still havent been through the whole market. Till tomorrow (or next week) i guess.

For now, its lunch and some relaxation time before the game tonight! Cant wait to kick some RR Butt! Still deciding about attending the after party though - Help!?

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You will love shopping in India. If you take a local person with who knows how to bargain, you will get loads of good stuff for less $$.. \

Posted by bangaluru123 on 03/21  at  12:47 AM

Hey Emcee, we ended up going to the after party anyway… Was there for an hour and headed home, awesome night and awesome game!
And yes, we found loads of stuff! :D

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/19  at  11:51 PM

Well seeing as you are going to have an early night after such an awesome win, maybe you can squeeze some time in to party !!! grin

Posted by Emcee on 03/19  at  09:48 AM

i would suggest u one place to chill out in Bangalore and that is Pecos located in bridge road is one of the oldest pubs in bangalore . They play the classics like zepplin,zappa,shadows,floyd. with a beer and beef makes your day perrfect.

Posted by AbhishekYuvanRao on 03/19  at  05:33 AM

heya candice. smile
rock d ground in tonights game. hope its gameRcb. gonna be a gr8 match with electrifying audience

Posted by pradeep18 on 03/19  at  04:15 AM

So did you find anything interesting enough to buy in the wonderfully colourful markets..

Posted by Emcee on 03/19  at  03:43 AM
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