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Saree Shop Story!

11 May

So we couldn’t resist it anymore and pestered our managers to let us go out shopping for sarees. It’s always such a big deal whenever we go out! They have to send a couple of bodyguards so we don’t start a riot!
But start a riot we did, although of a different kind.We were all so excited to go saree shopping and couldn’t stop talking about it for three whole days! When the day finally arrived we all piled into our cars and headed out into the market area.And we were surprised! All those colours and fabrics and designs got us swooning! Put a bunch of girls into a room with so much choice and we do what we do best, go mad!

So squealing with delight and moving from one design to another and one colour to another we kept the shopkeepers on their feet! While some of us posed for pictures, the others drove the shopkeepers mad with wanting to try EVERY single design!
royal challengers
And to make things naughtier we started walking the ramp right there in the middle of the shop! One design after another was put on parade and the girls decided which one looked the best.Phew! What a day! By the time we were finished there was quite a crowd outside the shop (we made a lot of noise). And though we bought a lot of sarees we wanted more. But I guess that will have to wait for another day.With our hands full of every imaginable colour and design we bid farewell to the very sweet shopkeepers and assistants and were on our way to pose some more in our rooms.

That’s it for now sweethearts…
royal challengers

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nice cutiessss ...

Posted by samarth-r-savanur on 04/21  at  01:21 PM

foreign nari in bhartiyo sharee

Posted by bappaditya on 11/23  at  10:26 AM

nice look in saree

Posted by bappaditya on 11/20  at  11:54 AM

in saree cheer leaders are beautiful.wink

Posted by sharath-nayak on 05/22  at  06:59 PM

indian saries nw looking more beautiful…..

Posted by crazypavan on 11/04  at  09:44 PM

typical indian..

Posted by redrohit on 10/26  at  10:00 PM

The first season i forgot to see the match watching cheer leaders( red skin beauties on the first season)...smilesmile u ppl are awesome…

Posted by Agnihothri on 09/24  at  12:29 AM

indian nari

Posted by mulgur on 08/25  at  09:49 AM

Cheers time up for CL T-20 OCT 2011 we r readyyyyyyyyyyy…

Posted by vinodsexy on 08/11  at  02:09 AM

RCB Cheers Rockssss IPL 2011

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/23  at  03:18 AM

Cheers get ready to OCT CL T-20 in OCT 2011 we will be there

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/23  at  03:17 AM

we feel it good..Gayle will Hit it,you all have to dance it…we will Enjoy it…come Back soon

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/15  at  03:29 AM

Get ready U cheers its time up for CL T-20 ..we will b there…to watch u all…

Posted by vinodsexy on 07/14  at  02:39 AM


Posted by MChawla on 06/01  at  10:57 AM

looking nice in indian dress,
i think you should try this dress in clt20.

Posted by Raminder on 06/01  at  08:08 AM

indian sari is good in this sari forenar looking nice

Posted by prinsu on 05/20  at  12:01 AM

looking very nice

Posted by prinsu on 05/19  at  11:58 PM

cute gals

Posted by ashwin-cool on 05/19  at  05:32 PM

hm intrestin

Posted by samchopzz on 05/18  at  10:11 PM

so sweet in saree

Posted by moona on 05/17  at  10:39 PM

they are also looking very gorgeous in sarees.

Posted by moumita on 05/15  at  11:03 PM

saree is most most suited garment for indian woman.

Posted by moumita on 05/15  at  11:01 PM

very pretty girls…..

Posted by daniella-vettori on 05/13  at  06:29 AM

did u all shop in bangalore ??????

Posted by celina-mittal on 05/12  at  01:02 AM
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