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The Night That Was!

29 Apr
Danced for the crowds, cheered the team on, danced at the after party, blah blah blah!

You’ve read about all that before. But I’m gonna tell you something you’ve not read about!! It was nearly the end of the party and some of the ‘players’ wanted to party some more. So we snuck out and took some of the cute ones with us and she came too! She even knew all the hotspots in the area!!

We went out and partied like there was no tomorrow and I really REALLY liked one of the boys *giggle* so I ermmm.. moved close to him and put my arm around him. You should have seen him then!! His face turned tomato red! Poor baby :-p

We all partied hard and danced some more. To show him my affection, I gave him a peck on the cheek and all the girls started teasing me! I liked the attention

Later, he excused himself and went off to his room. We caught up for breakfast before flying back. The girls were kind enough to corner him and apologise for their mischief last night. The cute-heart that he is; he even posed for pictures with all of us!! Nice match, but nicer after-match!

That’s it for now. Later sweethearts!

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Cool i wish i was that Cute one grin

Posted by DCSam on 03/20  at  06:36 AM

I wish I was that guy!!! By the way who was that player?

Posted by Nitant on 07/05  at  07:03 PM

These Girls Are Supporting Us So Much…...........

Posted by adkittu on 05/06  at  10:38 AM
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