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The Swank Prank

29 Apr
This time was real prank time! We pranked the handsomest one on the team and got away with it! Who can resist our sweetness after all

So this is how it went down. We teamed up with the other team members and put up blocks under the car of this player. So when he got into his swank sports car and tried to show off to some of us girls, the car just wouldn’t move! (lol) Quite a laugh it was as we watched from the distance. He came out twice and popped up the hood of the car to see if it was engine trouble. The girls knew (of course!) but wouldn’t tell.

Then when he got into the car again we came running up and all broke out into laughter! He was so embarrassed when all of his team members (the boys who helped us) came up and told him to look under the car!

We told him it was our idea! He couldn’t say much to a bunch of pretty girls now could he? He was sporting enough to drive us to the party with his boys later but that’s a story of mischief for another time.

Later cutehearts!

royal challengers
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they are enjoying

Posted by bappaditya on 11/23  at  10:27 AM

hot gals with hot smile

Posted by rajiv86 on 05/20  at  10:13 AM

Hot gals

Posted by nithxp on 05/17  at  09:00 PM

so who was the guy you pranked???? go RCB

Posted by daniella-vettori on 05/13  at  06:30 AM

do i actually have to mention the eye candies omg !!!well sixes diving efforts by our acrobatic fielders ...non stop on field action ...n guess wat take a look around team rcb wouldnt disappoint u their either some of the hmmmmmm…needless to say hottest cheerleaders wr’s in namma city bang on ...perfect combination for success !

Posted by deathrider-shaa on 05/10  at  06:44 AM

sweet smile

Posted by abhinav-shakya on 05/07  at  08:57 PM


Posted by lakshmi-narayana1 on 05/04  at  06:50 AM

Beautiful smile…..

Posted by rcb7 on 05/03  at  12:48 AM


Posted by JayuRocker on 04/30  at  01:07 AM
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