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Meet the White Mischief Girls who cheer your heroes with all their heart just at the drop of a six!

The White Mischief, Mischief Gals

17 Mar

The White Mischief Gals arrived in Mumbai and we have been travelling all over India, been to Kolkata and now in Bangalore.
While we were in Kolkata we toured the city, roamed the streets and got to know India a little, starting to fall in love with the country.

Now we are in Bangalore, went to the match between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore and the stadium was amazing, awesome and full of energy!
We have never experienced that before and it was such an amazing expereience for us all!  The after party was insane and the Mischeif Gals were indeed the Mischief Gals.
You can catch the Mischief Gals at the next game between RCB and Ragistan Royals where we will be ready and in for the kill!

Peace and love you all!

Mischief gals

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This day is my b’day.

Posted by kirsten on 10/08  at  03:40 AM

R C B!

Posted by Prakyath on 04/21  at  01:24 AM

hi candi
  you are as sweet as a candy…...have a good stay in india and let RCB be the air you breathe , the water you drink ,the clothes you wear…............hope u always be with RCB

Posted by redmagnets on 03/22  at  12:31 AM

Good to have the blog back up.
Did you know cricket before coming to India this time?

Posted by bangaluru123 on 03/21  at  12:49 AM

Hello all, thank you for your kind words…  Arun, im all about cricket, love the game and the excitement!  Loving Bangalore too, lookout for our next blog, all about today… xxx

Posted by MischiefGalCandi on 03/19  at  02:07 AM

welcome candice. Enjoy maadi.

wannabe Victoria’s secret gal? wow…..nice

Posted by gajee on 03/18  at  08:32 PM

Hey Candice,

Wish you a pleasant, memorable stay in India and keep exploring the cities as and when you get an opportunity. The match at Bangalore was excellent and so was the energy of you gals. At one stage in the game, it was virtually a get down from the podium, get back onto it, routine when Uthappa and Kallis were together.

Looking forward to see you cheer the team in the match at Delhi on April 4th.

Peace and love to you and everyone of us

Posted by Wizardprince on 03/18  at  09:57 AM

Hello Candice,
Hope you have a memorable stay in India.

Posted by Sujansalian on 03/18  at  09:36 AM

Hi Candi,
Welcome 2 India… Nice 2 cu as Cheer Leaders for RCB,,,Hope ur enjoying the tour….Hav a nice time

Posted by SCZ on 03/18  at  07:39 AM

good intro candi grin hope u gals know abt cricket if not make it a point to learn wink hope u r having wonderful time @ipl

Posted by Arun-Pn on 03/18  at  06:56 AM

Welcome to the Garden city of India…nice to see you as cheer leader for an Challengers team….you have to lot to do for the team becoz team is rocking and it is going to continue thru out IPL..smile

Posted by buff on 03/18  at  06:15 AM
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